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I picked up Guild Wars 2 during the recent sale and just spent the last 30-ish minutes customizing a character, determining his background, his features, all of it. But when I got to the end where I could choose his name, I found that the name I always use in games was taken. Disappointed, I tried my backup name, only for that to be rejected as well. I was so annoyed that I quit the character creation process altogether. For me, being able to use "my" name is a really important part of the experience because it allows me to better connect to my character and the world in which I'll be playing, even though I don't have any interest in role-playing with other players. It looks like Guild Wars 2 allows spaces in names, so I may play around with that and add a last name, but I also don't want NPCs to be calling my character by his full name in every single conversation.

This whole process got me thinking, though - what's in a name? Is choosing a specific name in a game - online or otherwise - important to you? What makes it important? Or do you just hit the "Randomize" button and go from there?

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@darth_furder: Cool deal - Friendly Spot might be a bit further than my feet are willing to go after today but if I make it that way I'll say hi!

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Grabbing dinner right now but down to grab a drink with some duders afterwards if anybody's around! Probably half an hour/forty five minutes from now.

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I purchase a gigabyte gtx 970 g1 gaming but im having to return it for refund since I had a lot of issues with noise and some kind of humming noise coming from card.

Im wondering will all gtx 970's have this or is it rare and if so what card is best or least affected?

I have that same card with no real issues. I briefly had coil whine when I ran the Ungine Valley benchmark, but I haven't heard anything out of the ordinary when playing games. I've heard coil whine is a potential issue on all GTX 970s, though.

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@geraltitude said:

Come on duder you gotta post more than that!

What is the policy? What is the airdrop P2W issue? What is happening? Who am I?

So, my understanding of it from reading the threads on Reddit is that prior to the release of the game, SOE was out there saying that the game was not "pay to win," that players could only get ammo/etc from the world, stuff like that, and that in-game purchases were going to be for cosmetic items and the like. They were saying this publicly as recently as a couple of days ago. Lo and behold, streamers who bought the game and purchased air drops with real money were getting - you guessed it - guns and ammunition from the crates. Needless to say, people who bought the game were upset at the apparent bait-and-switch and started demanding refunds.

EDIT: Added links to sources.

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I already have a PS4, but had no intention of buying Bloodborne until I finally gave Dark Souls a serious shot over the holiday when the Steamworks update came out. After 50-ish hours with the game, I'm definitely glad that I have a PS4 so I can play Bloodborne when it comes out.

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Well, trade in 7 games at a time at different locations to maximize your bonus - don't do it all at once - and you'll probably come out with a decent deal.

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Just saw this. Man. I'm still processing this but I'll say this: Patrick, I was a bit skeptical at first when you joined because I was so used to the Brad/Jeff/Vinny/Ryan dynamic. But in the time you've been with the site, you've truly become part of the team - not an addition, or an outsider, or "the new guy," but on the exact same level as everybody else. I was bummed when you moved back to Chicago, and I'm bummed now, but I know you've got great things ahead. Thank you so much for everything and I wish you the best of luck!

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After doing *tons* of research, I decided on the Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming ( - and got it for Christmas! The card is fantastic. I initially looked at the ASUS Strix version, but it seems like that card's main advantage is that it's quieter than the other GTX 970s in exchange for being a bit slower. I've had no noise issues with the G1 Gaming though (keeping in mind that noise sensitivity is very subjective), and it runs everything I've thrown at it maxed out at 1080p60. I'm confident this card will last me for several years.