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I believe there was an option to say "You'll be okay" or "You'll be fine." I chose that because I wanted her to have the last minute reassurance/confidence boost in case she felt like facing the world on her own was a hopeless proposition

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I've seen it posted to the contrary here, but yes the epilogue cinematic is different depending on your choices. In mine, Clem was wearing a zombie blood smeared dress, but in some YouTube videos, she is wearing a red sweatshirt. No idea what choices lead to either option, though.

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@patronics: I sent messages to a few people on the leaderboards and none of them responded.

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@onan said:

@KyleSellers: That level was the most challenging thing in the game. I'm kind of glad I didn't know about the cheat until later, I would have been too tempted to skip it along with the sense of "F--K YEAH!" accomplishment that went with conquering it.

Yes sir... it's the one level where the imprecise platforming controls actually became an issue. Then I finally got to the top and the platform i was standing on glitched and I fell through into the lava before I could jump to the door. Luckily it restarted right before the floating platform section and not all the way at the bottom. I might have cried.

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I didn't check the forums until I got to the security room and monolith, but apparently there is some way to fly in New Game Plus, which would've been an incredible tidbit to know on my playthrough!

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More Portal is always a good thing. It's like there is NO downside!

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Final tally was 19 full size pages in a composition journal... a bit too much to post all here. (Until I'm sufficiently motivated, i.e. bored.)

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I've finally made it through Fez, and am checking the forums for the third time (the first was for the security question solution and the second was for the "black monolith" solution... both after several hours of trying to figure them out on my own) and noticed that few people are discussing the leaderboards.

There are several people with over 400% completion, without even gaining 200 gamerscore in some cases, and for the life of me, I can't figure out how. Do you need to replay the game in stereoscopic mode or something? I see that at least a few people have glitched and ended up with an extra cube or something, but how could anyone possibly get every cube twice?

Also, I'm really kicking myself for not checking the forums sooner (or paying attention to what Vin said on the Bombcast)... knowing about the "special ability" in new game plus would have saved me SO much time. Especially in the rising laval level which took me over an hour because I platform like a one thumbed chimpanzee.

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I got a call today from Capcom to let me know the status of the reshipment and the refund. I also had a back and forth with DJay who explained that fulfillment takes place through a third party.  So, it is NOT that Capcom hates their customers--they simply don't know when their customers get screwed unless they make enough noise (which I finally did).
Though, at the end of this all, I DID end up having to pay $5 more for the stick (I'm actually surprised they didn't refund this difference or even offer an XBLA code to make up for it), and I DID need to wait a month and a half for the replacement to be shipped and I DID need to devote several hours to getting this resolved, I think it is headed towards resolution.
The fact that they have even begun to acknowledge that I exist makes me feel MUCH better.  I may even go ahead and purchase MvC2 after all--now that my anger towards all things Capcom has settled down a bit.

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Just an update, but DJay at the Capcom store finally contacted me.  He let me know where everything stands at let me know that my original, now duplicate, order was refunded and my stick shipped.
I appreciated him finally contacting me, and he did seem genuinely confused about where things broke down.  So, while I still won't likely buy from the Capcom store again, DJay is DEFINITELY the guy to contact if you have a problem--but expect it to take a week or so to hear back from him!

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