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Problem is finally fixed...thank you for working to fix the problem. I have manage to upload pics and blogs today. Thank you.

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Does that include windows firewall? I also don't see a default settings on my profile. It doesn't work on both browsers (IE and Firefox)

#3 Posted by Kyouya (12 posts) -'s been over a week and I still can't upload anything whether it is a blog or a photo.

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It's been 3 days since I saw the last post in this topic and I still haven't been able to post my blog. Posting on the forum is also impossible because it keeps crashing on me. It's a miracle that I even manage to get this into the topic. To answer your question Pepsiman, I am running firefox 3 and Windows XP SP2. To this day, I still can't post a blog. My blog consists one picture from this web site and a table full of statistics. Sigh....Bad Karma lurks me in this web site. I had to use IE 6 to get this post through.

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I tried it again 5 times for several hours. It still doesn't work. That's not the only problem I've been experiencing. A deleted post still remains in my forum post section. I can't upload any images. It's almost like a site has something against me.

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I have trouble submitting a blog in my account using Firefox 3. Does anyone else have this problem? Everytime I submit. it does not go through. It just has the bar going non-stop.

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I've tried to upload my image in firefox 2 and 3. Both of them don't work. I always get the same message ("Sorry, there was an error".). I've tried all filesizes including the required minimum size of 150 x 150. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?