Bio-Blog, Team Blog-ress 2, and Fallout Blog Vegas

So apparently I haven't blogged anything in two months.  I guess I haven't had much to say.  I've been kinda busy also. 

Bioshock... the first one

I've been playing Bioshock a lot recently.  I didn't have the opportunity to play it in its heyday but I am thoroughly enjoying it now.  I bought it on Steam when there was a sale but my machine isn't great so the specs are all turned down and I kinda wish I had bought it for the 360 and payed a few extra bucks cuz I am even playing it with a 360 controller.  Normally I prefer the Mouse and Keyboard but Bioshock seems to almost demand a gamepad.   
I really like all of the back story, the diaries, the fiction, and other stuff like that.  That one plastic surgeon, whatever his name was, really intrigued me because he tried to find beauty in people by eliminating symmetry.  Imagine that though.  Asymmetric humans.  One arm, three legs, and 2 torsos or something like that.  I think if it were done right... humans could look a lot better.  I remember what Brad said about Ken Levine that he makes "the thinking mans shooter" and thats very true.  That whole asymmetric human thing really got me thinking about stuff. 
I also think the shooting is pretty solid.  The shotgun feels good and all the plasmids make things fun.   

Team Fortress 2

I'm kind of getting tired of TF2.  I've played the Demo for a while and I feel like I won't be playing him for fun anymore.  I was playing the Engie pretty hard the other day but its so boring.  Getting kills with a turret isn't very satisfying... I mean, having teammates use my teleporters is more satisfying in my opinion. 
I still love the Pyro though.  There is nothing like lighting dudes on fire, blasting them with the compression blast, and then shooting them in the air as if they were clay pigeons. 
I also kinda don't like the Mann Co. store.  It literally puts less value on super awesome hats.  Like I was gonna make that glove hat for the Pyro and I've been working up to it for a while but when the update came out I just bought it.  I was a little disappointed. 

Fallout New Vegas

I am stoked about New Vegas.  I want that game, like right now.  I'm a little afraid that the game will still have the kinks and bugs that Fallout 3 had because it looks like they used the same engine but just beefed up the graphics a little bit.   
I almost ended this blog without posting an interesting. image. 
Here ya go.


Star-Blog, Red Blog Redemption, and Monday Night Blog-bat

Starcraft, the first one

So I pirated mahself a copy of Starcraft.  Don't judge me.  Anyways, I've been playing Starcraft and DAMN is this game good.  I'm no fan of RTSs but this one is certainly very good.  Though, I've had some experience with Starcraft.  My cousin and I always used to play this on the N64 but I see now that that was a hindered experience.  Shortcut commands are awesome and the graphics, on the PC, are better. 

I've always been fond of the Zerg, I don't know why.  I just remember making my cousin sweat when he'd play as the Protoss when I'd rush his base with masses of Zerglings and Ultralisks.  I also really like how they sound... they sound so... gross.  I don't know why I like that but I do. 

Red Dead Reinvigoration

My very good friend Raine (female, in case you were wondering) just got a PS3 and she's been playing RDR and we were talking about it before our class started and sharing crazy ass multiplayer experiences.  Talking about RDR made me realize what an awesome game it is.  I expect to be playing more of it in the near future.  
I've been working on the "Friends In High Places" achievement for a while now.  I've just been walking into a town and instead of challenging someone to a dual, I shove them.  This makes them pull out their gun and I fire back.  This is completely legal, but it gets all kinds of unwanted attention.  People pull their guns out and examine the body then I take those people out.  This is NOT legal and brings the po-po around and I massacre a few of them and leave, placing a respectably dastardly bounty on my head.  I've done things like that for the past month or so and my total Bounty is up to about $3450 and I'll get it up to 5k sometime soon.  So far I'm having fun with this achievement and I'll be proud when I finally get it.

Monday Night Combat

Looks interesting.  I might get it.  That is all. 
And like always here is an image to feast yer eyes on. 


Gaming Girlfriends and Time Traveling Notebooks

Mah Lady Friend

So my girlfriend once said that she didn't like video games.  When I heard this I cringed a bit because (obviously) I really like 'em.  It's been two years since we first started dating (yeah, 730 days) and she has been slowly exposed to my love of video games.  Apparently, some of that rubbed off on her or at least magnified her supressed love for them.
Yesterday she played and beat Portal, a great game not only because of its complex puzzles and witty monologues but also because it's not too hard on beginners.  Now that's not to say that she is a beginner but I've never seen a woman pick up a shooter (which Portal pretty much is) and master the controls in 2 minutes. 
Anyways, she beat and loved it.  We talked about it afterwards and about all the little quirks that we all noticed when we first played it. 
As I read back I sound as if I have some form of conceit towards female gamers.  I apologize to the female gamers I know (ArginDraven, mubblegum, and others) because I do not wish for this blog to be interpreted as such. 

A Book from the Future

I started my basic classes for my Psychology major here at Savannah Technical College and I took College Algebra a few months ago.  Sadly, I failed that class.  Although, I did keep my little black book of notes and scribbles just in case I didn't pass.  I'm taking the class again and I feel SOOO bad ass because whenever the teacher says what we'll be learning that day I already have those notes.  It's almost like the book is predicting what the teacher will say.  Mind you, I still take notes because it's a different teacher but sometimes I write things like "refer to Cheat Sheet" instead of writing it all out again.   
I mentioned my special book of notes to one of my classmates, not in a bragging way, mind you, and the rest of the class overheard and everyone looked straight at me as I had just confessed to being the Messiah Returned (or Messiah Incarnate, if yer Jewish).  So now I have to keep a close eye on my magical little book to make sure no one has taken it. 
Someone in my class told me I look like that Scientist from Lost when I rummage through my notebook looking for answers to problems that arise. 


Team Blog-ress 2, Lim-Blog, and BioBlog.

Team Fortress 2

 So... I've hit a rut.  Whenever I hit ruts I tend to revert to simpler stages.  With video games I revert to Team Fortress 2 and MAN is TF2 fun.  I remember the last time I got on a real TF2 streak was back when the Engie, Spy, Sniper and Heavy Updates weren't around.  Now that all the updates are here, it feels great and I've come to find that I have an unparalleled affinity for the Pyro
The thing I love about the Pyro (which I completely believe to be female [the first reason being this video, and the second being that in the menu it says "Most dominations with pyro, why don't you give HER a shot]) is that the Pyro is the combination of Engineer, Medic, and Soldier.  The Engie because it is kinda the "always-spychecking" or "spy-suspicious" class and is good when set up behind corners (I mean you always see Engies JUST around the corner all setup and shit, like pyros).  It's like the Medic because the compression blast can be used to extinguish the flames of teammates.  I actually do this as often as I can.  And like the Soldier because the Pyro is good at short, medium, and long range.  (Hear me out now.  I know the Pyro is short range but the Flare Gun puts a twist to that.)  Speaking of the Flare Gun, I cannot think of a more rewarding feat in any other video game than nailing a sniper that is pissing off yer whole team with a measly Flare Gun.  Quickscoping in MW2 comes close, but using the Flare Gun is too much fun and I consider myself somewhat of a god with the Flare Gun
I just recently got 22 achievements with the Pyro and I'm going to try to get all of them but I've been thinking about trying my hand at another class the same way I've been using the Pyro but nothing really fits the role I've become used to playing in TF2 which is somewhat of a mid-fielder.   


I really wanted to love that game and I had hopes that it would surpass Braid but it has not.  The game started out great with the whole Recurring Spider mechanic, and that felt good.  Always looking over my shoulder or listening closely for that tale-tell humming/purring the spider made but when it went to the whole industrial scene it lost me.  It was no longer an experience, but a game.  What I mean is... LIMBO started out like a story, like an adventure that I was apart of but by the end of it, it just felt like a game.  A tough, tricky, and disappointing game. 
The platforming was good and the music (what little there was of it) was very well done but the later part and final conclusion of that game let me down.   


Now, I've never played Bioshock, I mean... I have but not before a few days ago.  I bought it on Steam and am giving that a shot because I feel that I owe it to myself, as a self respecting gamer, to experience firsthand the game that is Bioshock.  Although, I already know how it ends.  The Bombcast where Jeff says "Well it's been three years and everyone should know how that games goes."  Where he then proceeded to spoil the game for anyone that hadn't played it (meaning me).  So I know what's gonna happen and I notice the whole "Would You Kindly" thing, which is kinda neat, I guess.   
Anyways, from what I've seen of Bioshock so far (which is only about 2 Hours, I just recently killed Steinman) I've been impressed by.  The audio records are actually interesting, the combat is very responsive, albeit a little hard and the companionship I feel with the flying sentry things feel good, almost as good as the whole "Weighted Companion Cube" thing felt.  I've got all my Specs down so I can't say much about the graphics (though I played the demo when it released and was impressed by the graphics [ the reason I have my specs turned down, though, is because I am playing on a laptop and graphics aren't a big to deal to me anyway]). 

Closing Notes

 Almost forgot, anyone that wants to play Alien Swarm or Team Fortress 2, add me on Steam.  My name is Kyreo.  That is my name everywhere. 
And this wouldn't be a blog by Kyreo unless I had a closing image or two.  Here you go. 


MAGged SUV Beach Brawl Action (Crackdown 2)

So my buddy and I were messing around with the Agency SUVs and he kept saying things like "battle" and "SUV fight" so I made a make shift game for crackdown 2.  Here are the rules. 
Take two Agency SUVs to the beach (West Island, on the South End)
"MAG" two SUVs together and have both players get in separate SUVs. 
Both players stay in their respective SUV until someone wins. 
A player wins when they successfully push the other player into the ocean but since both players are "MAGged" this can be tricky. 
So those are the rules.  This little game was loads of fun and was extremely funny because the best way to shove the other player around is to get on top of their vehicle and tap B (which makes the car bounce) a lot.  This is funny because homophobic onlookers would probably throw up.


Crackdown 2 and 'Splosion Man

So... Crackdown 2 is a Crackdown ass crackdown game but Ruffian left some stuff out that was really great about the first one.  The selection of licensed music is way worse in this one.  In Crackdown 1, I actually liked some of the music so much that I sought out the artists and bought albums from them.... which subsequently led me to my favorite German Industrial band, Autoaggression.  Needless to say I was kinda stoked about the music of Crackdown 2 even though that isn't something the game was known for.  My stokedness was not justified, however.
They also left out the friggin Pistol.  I want a goddamn handgun.  All I ever want in a shooter is a Sniper Rifle and a Handgun.  There had better be some sort of handgun selection in some DLC or something. 
These are the two things that really irked me about Crackdown... every thing I can say is gameplay mechanics and UI and stuff like that. 
ANYWAYS, I started playing Splosion Man the other day.  That game... *rubseyes* is so goddamn hard.  It's harder than Mirror's Edge and N+ combined.  So I bailed out on that game before I could finish but I did get something out of that game and it is this song... 


Dark vs Dragon RESULTS

So after months and months of training... I proudly present the results of the 3 Round competition between my friend and I both sporting wholly and soley Dragon and Dark pokemon respectively. 
Round One 
Single Battle, Level 50 limit ruling 
Dark Won with only one pokemon remaining, Absol. 
Round Two 
Double Battle, Level 50 Limit 
Dragon won with 6 pokemon remaining.   
Round Three 
Single Battle, No level Restriction, Only Three Pokemon allowed
Dragon won with two pokemon left. 
So there ya go.  Dark Lost.  Dragon beats Dark, though I won't say Dragon is the better type.  Dark seems to be more shady and crafty, while Dragon is very forward and powerful. 
If the two type had to be blades, Dark would be a scalpel, if you know what yer doing and you use it right you can fuck shit up, but the slightest error can be the end, while Dragon is more of an Axe, you can kinda aim it and sorta do neat little slant attacks with it but when it comes down to it yer just swinging and hoping for the best, but if you hit yer target, you probably don't need to hit it again. 
PM for more details on the Battles.


Marigolds & Lilacs

The other day I was suddenly and violently afflicted with hazardous amounts of sheer inspiration and I channeled this energy into a poem.  I've never written poetry from inspiration before.  Usually when I get inspired from stuff I make songs, or write short story so this is my first poem.   
So let me know what you guys think and please... support your criticism with a few words. 


Marigolds & Lilacs

Standing alone

No other soul there

Oblivious to the chilled wind

That stroked my hair



 Chattering teeth

Tear filled eyes,

Consoled only

By the darkening skies



 “Beloved Daughter,

Mother, and Wife”

Were the words used

To summarized her life



 Flurry of emotions

Lethargy, Rage, and Despair

All caused by

This unfortunate affair



 Approaching reluctantly

The stark, lone plaque

I lay my bouquet

Of Marigolds and Lilacs




    -Jesse D. Cromeenes

The Dark Side

So my competitive Dark Team is all set and I just need to train them to all to at least level 70.  Three of them are above 60 and the other three are over 50 so it shouldn't take too terribly long.  JAGA732 almost has his team (of Dragons) set and we are set to face off in about one weeks' time.  If you don't know what I'm talking about then read this entry in my Blog.   
The pokemon I have are still kept secret.  I don't want to give Ernesto (JAGA732) an advantage of knowledge but he does know about my three best combatants Tyranitar, Weavile, and Absol.   
And it isn't a blog unless there is a question and a picture.   If you had to choose one pokemon type to train to a competitive level, which type would you pick? 


Pokemon Music

I've always liked the music of the pokemon series.  It's definable and recognizable.  I especially like the battle music but because of a song I found on, I love it 10 times as much. 
Check it out! 
and it isn't a blog by Kyreo unless there is a large and awkward photo. 

EDIT: (I removed the picture.  Things were getting out of hand.)