Kirby Sucks

Think about it.  He (or she or it) does.  I actually don't think that kirby is a bad franchise.  It's actually my second favorite Nintendo franchise (next to the Legend of Zelda.) 
My favorite game is probably Squeak Squad or the amazing mirror. 
What got me thinking about Kirby was this awesome song that I found on Newgrounds.  If you like the music from the series then you'll love this

I hope there is a new Kirby game for the DS soon.  It's been a while since I've fooled around with that little pink bastard.

Pulp Fiction

Way back when I was learning to play the violin, my instructor recommended the movie Pulp Fiction to me.  I find that whenever I respect someone I tend to take their recommendations of particular media very seriously.  Since I respected, and still do, my violin instructor I saw it fit to one day watch Pulp Fiction.   
Two years after she recommended it to me, I finally got around to watching it.  Here is my official review. 
I really really liked it, but did not love it.  I would not recommend Pulp Fiction to anyone because anything by Tarentino seems to be an acquired taste.  I liked how the screenplay was articulately slowed down and drawn out to make a handful of moments far more dramatic and suspenseful.  The character development was great and all the acting was top notch. 
I just can't understand why some people think this movie is so.... bad.  Please enlighten me. 
Also, I now fully understand this image and have not stopped laughing since watching Pulp Fiction and realizing what it meant. 


A Sound of Thunder

I remember reading this short story back in grade school and for some reason I remembered this story today.  It's a good read and if you've never heard of it then you can read it here.   
Also the title to the movie "The Butterfly Effect" starring Ashton Kutcher refers to this short story.  


Splinter Cell, as I see it

So I was thinking to myself the other day which Splinter Cell games I liked the best and why.  I discovered within me the truth about the games and I decided I'd share it with y'all.    

The Worst, First

   On paper, I'm sure this game was great but it certainly did not FEEL great when I played it.  It had a simple Idea, Sam in the jungle doing what Sam does best but in a different environment.  The biggest part about this game that I didn't like was all of the kinkiness that came with playing jungle levels like ambient noise, weird lighting effects from nowhere and wild fucking animals.  Not only that but the opening level was, in my opinion, NOT a good first level.  A flaming building.  Thats sounds like an 7th or 8th level to me.  

Nice Haircut, Sam

 Yeah, you guessed it.  Double Agent.  Now I'm not saying that this game was bad, just that other titles in the series are better than it.  I wasn't fond of the whole morality bullshit but the multiplayer was FANTASTIC.  Also the thing that Sam did to that one guy was mind blowing.  I'd wouldn't have guessed that going into the game.   
This game may be hot shit, but in my defense I did not play a lot of it and played all of the other titles significantly more than I played Double Agent.  Though there is one undeniable valid point to why this is 4th on the list of 5.  One word...  Haircut. 
Need I say more?
As little as I thought of this game, I have to admit the graphics were purdy and the kill animations were great.  I just didn't like seeing Sam without his hair and such.  Though, when I look at it objectively, Double Agent was a fine game.

Changes R Good

 Conviction.  Yeah I went there.  Conviction was good.  Nay, t'was GREAT.  The cover-to-cover mechanic, the co-op, the plethora of weapons and gadgets.  Though it is the red headed step child of the Splinter Cell family, I still loved it.   
                Now most of you may be like "Conviction was just a third person shooter that had stealth in it" or "New things are bad" and to this I reply Conviction had all the components of a Splinter Cell game.  Shadows, convenient ambush pipes and suppressed pistols.  I jest, I know there is more to Splinter Cell than that but Conviction felt like a SC game to me.  Getting spotted was a bad thing and firefights were a necessary evil in some spots and that's been the same throughout the whole series.  
Also, the music is jaw dropping.  I prefer Dance and Trance music and when I heard that song at the end of the airport level I paused the game just to crank my speakers to that sick tune.  Along with that awesome song, the rest of the score is fitting of the mood of the story mode and Fisher himself.   
Last thing I promise then I'll move on.  Like Jeff, I did NOT like the voice acting on Michael Ironside's part.  He just... slurred his words and... ugh.  Go read Jeffs review if you really wanna know what he and I think.       

First, Second

 The first Splinter Cell was short of groundbreaking for the rather small stealth action genre.  There was this certain magic sauce that tickled our fancies even when we were inexplicably frustrated with the trial-and-error system the game required.  Looking back I had some good times with the first of the series, but it was certainly not the best in my book.   
I'm going to move right along to the Top Dog of the Splinter Cell series and because I don't have much else to say concerning the original Splinter Cell game. 

You knew this one would be at the top of the List

 Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.  Maybe not the most intriguing title in the series.  That's the only complaint I have of the game.  The title.   
So Sam finally figured out he had a knife and it only took him two whole game to use it.  Regardless, the stealth kills and hand to hand stuff was great and the animations were all very clean and aligned well.  I wasn't a fan of the choke hold in this installment (because it changed from game to game which always bothered me.)   
 Along with nice animations, there was a pleasing diversity of levels throughout the game (my favorite was the bank level.)   
AND the interrogation dialogue.  I'd always grab random guys and mash the space bar to see what they'd say.  Here's a video to explain exactly why I loved this game so much. 
Also the Music.  
And the Box Art  

In conclusion, Chaos Theory was the best.  Now feel free to comment about how much you disagree.

Conviction Co-Op

So last night snoopdye and I played some Conviction Co-Op... and brother, that's the most fun I've had in a co-op game style since Castle Crashers.  Busting down a door and blazing 6 dudes in half a second NEVER gets old.  Yeah... I said six.  Each player can tag separate guys and execute on their own OR you can share the tags by only tagging a few and executing at the same time.  This makes short work of unsuspecting guards.   
Does this sound too easy?  Yeah... well, more times than I can count a random group of six or seven guys would come from some dark corner and give us a hard time... and result in either one of us getting 'killed.'  Also, the game challenges you by making it so that you can't kill guys.  There was a part (I'm not gonna spoil anything story stuff, okay?) where you had to haul ass away from where you were and you couldn't kill the guys chasing you... which is kinda lame, but made for some cool co-op situations.  Here's an example.  Snoop was on a pipe, I was bashing a dudes face in.  I got spotted while I was smashing this guy and then I get shot and I play dead.  The guy that shot me comes over to my body, and snoop jumps down and lands on his neck.  Co-op maneuvers like this are common and always awesome. 
Also... the shotgun, Not the SPAS (I have that one and I don't like it), makes everything 10 times as fun.  If snoop and I got into sticky situation, I'd whip the bitch out and give the guards a new orifice.  Plus, ending a fire fight by running up to a dude and blowing him off his feet with a loud bang always makes for a laugh or two. 


Prophecy of a forth coming FAIL

I have a BAAAAD feeling that something.... very bad will happen concerning the quests and whatnot.  I don't know what, but we've started to see the restless posting non sense just to get quests and such.  I just.... feel like someone is going to do something.... somehow to fuck up these quests for the rest of us. 
But I really hope it doesn't come to that


Just Cuz 2

So, I bought Just Cause 2 the other after I traded in Bad Company.  I love BC2, I just don't have enough friends that play it.... so, don't taze me bro.  Anyways, Just Cause 2 is a pree damn fun game.  Though it is SERIOUSLY bad in other parts like the dialogue and driving, it's great fun everywhere else.  The explosions never get old and the shooting feels really good even though you can't crouch and shoot at the same time, which bothers me a whole lot. 
And the graphics are great in terms of scope.   
 Just look at this still... 

 This is In-Game imagery btw
So if yer into open world, run n gun, free falling, parachute grappling good times I highly recommend you scoot over to the nearest game store and grab this game.

Dark vs Dragon

So me and my man JAGA732 got in this discussion about pokemon types and which ones we like the best.  He said he's always liked Dragon and I revealed that I've been fond of Dark pokemon for as long as I can remember.  So he and I have this.... showdown, of sorts, set for some time in the future to face each other with our respective teams of dark (me) and Dragon (him) pokemon.   
It's gonna be sweet... I've already got my team in place but I just need to catch and train them.  When the showdown actually goes down I'll be sure to record it (w/ the VS recorder) and blog the video number so anyone that is interested can watch the battle. 
Though there is a problem with the situation.  He and I have played all the Pokemon since Ruby and sapphire.  The thing is I got bored with having a completed game save and deleted the files just to start over (I didnt know there would be any reason to keep the saves.)  But HE has all of his saves.  He could formulate a team RIGHT NOW from his other games... So He'll have to wait while I beat all the games AGAIN.... 
but instead of doing that I thought I would share this story with you guys and see if any of my GB brethren would be willing to trade me a Dark pokemon that they aren't using... 
So... anybody willing to trade?   
Oh And which do you think will win?  Forget the advantage he has over me... just base it on types alone.  Dark or Dragon?



I just bought Bad Company 2 and Im going to give a thorough run so I can decide which game is better.  Modern Warfare 2(Which I've prestiged 3 times and beaten it on Veteran, so needless to say I KNOW that game) or Bad Company 2 (which I will initiate a hot steamy and intimate relationship with to find out what makes her ti-  I mean... why this game is good.)



Yesterday was probably the weirdest day in gaming that I can remember.  Portal was decoded somehow and morse code messages were found.  IW was attacked by russian terrorists (not really), and the ApocalyPS3 came. 
Coincidentally, my internet was down for 10 hours of my 18 hour day yesterday.