Blog-Craft 2, Super Blog Fighter IV, and Blog-emon White

Starcraft 2 

 So I got Star Craft 2 for my birthday and I realized that I enjoy stomping the computer far more than I enjoy playing the story.  I just like building a base and units and such without all the pretense of "You're not allowed to use the Power Bomb yet, Samus" bullshit.  I just wanna play zerg and rush the enemy troops.  Maybe I'll be more interested in the story when Heart of the Swarm rolls around.   
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Like I said though, I like zerg.  Of the Zerg I have found that I really REALLY like Roaches.  They can burrow AND MOVE!!!! That blew my mind the first time I found that out.  I also like Hydras and Mutas and all that business but I THOROUGHLY enjoy popping out of the ground spitting in the enemy's eye, burrowing, healing, and doing it all over again.  It's very satisfying. 
I haven't taken my game online yet.  Honestly, I am nervous and don't want to lose but I know I will.  I'll get around to it eventually. 

Super Street Fighter IV

I've been playing a LOT of Street Fighter lately and I've gotten... good, I think.  I've been stomped online but compared to what I was I am much MUCH better.  I started out using Abel on Street Fighter 4 and stuck with him when Super came out but I ventured into using Juri.  I'm okay with her but I'm gonna be sticking with Abel.  He's great.  He can close the distance like Gouken or Dhalsim and fuck you up like 'Geif.  Also, he looks like a hard ass.  Just look at this picture. 

Awesome, Right?   
Awesome, Right?   
I have super for the PS3 but regular for the 360 so if you wanna fight send me a message and add me.  My Gamertag and PSN are the same as my username; Kyreo.  Add me.  I've been looking for a Street Fighter buddy who won't kick my ass all the time. 

Pokemon White/Black

I have White version but I'm not racist.  My sister got Black so I got white.  That's why.   
So far I am REALLY digging that game.  I like all the new pokemon and I'm training to start fighting competitively online.  OH OH!!! It has a Random Fight button which is new for the series but old for online games but it's great.  I'll be random fighting a lot when I get my levels up some more. 
Well...  That's all for this entry.  If you guys have any tips for Zerg, or wanna fight me in SSFIV on the PS3 just message or comment on this here bloggy blog.  
Also, here is this video.  Enjoy! 
  I love that sound!