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I'm "KZeni" on everything that allows username fewer than 6 characters =)

I'm a web / graphic designer and programmer. I my primary interests are mostly related to video games, computers, and technology as a whole.

If you feel like reading an unabridged bio go read Dave's about me page (I don't feel like writing one that long for myself, lol). Offset me being a few years younger. Swap out his clan life and website building for Quake with Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Have me still living in my home state building websites for an ad agency, and not yet working on comic, tech, movie & video game websites. Then you have what seems like a peculiarly long string of similarities, lol. Oh, I did make custom cars (3d model, textures, and tuning) and tracks (3d model and textures) for Midtown Madness 1 & 2 (spiritual successor being Burnout Paradise).