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First off, best of luck with the move & everything Vinny! Finally, a reason for me to see what this "New York" place is all about.

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@hammondoftexas said:


@andmm Perhaps a stretch, but any chance of this coming to either Mozilla Firefox of Apple's Safari? Or a mobile phone version? Regardless, this is amazing work!

Making a Firefox version would be more work than a Safari version, from my understanding. Safari & Chrome are generally pretty close in how they go about doing things, and Safari's definitely robust enough to implement something like this.

I do have a minor request for @andmm, any chance it could open the schedule instead of the live panel if there isn't a show that's currently live? Seems like the schedule should be default & give preference to the live panel when a show is going on.

Great work!

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Know what? Setting up a standalone page is no problem at all. You can just go here to use it: (no coding required). I've updated the main post.

I simply saved the chat page's source, added the script to it, and uploaded it. You can still use the console trick if you want to be on the official GB chat page.

*EDIT* I've updated both the code snippet & the live demo page so that there's an auto-refresh button now. Also, did some refinement to the ignored words.

*EDIT #2* I've added a bookmarklet to the demo page so you can apply this to the official chat with a single click. Restructured the original post as well to include these updates.

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@beachthunder: Firefox has its Console accessible by right-clicking on the page & going to "Inspect Element" to show the developer tool. There's a "Console" tab on the panel/window that opened. There's a text box at the bottom of that console view where you can paste the code in & press enter. Should update the page right then & there.

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This augments the chat with a word cloud. It pulls the most frequently used words from the current chat messages (so they're relevant). It refreshes when the button is clicked, or it will update automatically when Live Cloud is enabled. Also, it's entirely client-side so it's adding a new view for your chat. It was rather neat to see games/things to do being suggested by the chat while watching the stream & it served as an unstructured poll of the chat as things rose to the top.

Check it out.

You can go here to give it a try: code required)

Also, there's a bookmarklet on the bottom of that page that you can use to apply the tag cloud to GB chat (it has the code in the link so you can apply it to the chat when you're on the page & click on the bookmarklet). That means you can use, click the bookmarklet you saved, and enjoy this feature.

As a bonus... Vinny's pushups, Drew's pushups, and just before Alexis' pushups.

It removes common words (not totally refined yet), and it hides any words less than 10% the frequency of the most frequently used word (so it doesn't become a mile long & gives emphasis when there's something being used a lot). Also, resizes when your mouse is/isn't over it so it doesn't take up room in chat when you're not using it.

Made it for fun, but feel free to use it! I took the quick route when it came to the chat's tabs (as in, I totally ignored them, lol) so that would probably need to be addressed (could be a simple adjustment). Wanted to share this neat little thing. It was mentioned off-hand, but it honestly is interesting to see!

I've since edited this so there's now an auto-refresh toggle! Should mention it's always expanded to show all words when enabled.

The actual code.

This was built to work if you simply copy & paste this code into your browser's console: (the CSS would otherwise be done a different way, of course). The ignored (common) word list would be improved too, but that comes with refinement (for example, "yes" & "no" are common but they were decidedly left in as they can come into play during chat polls).

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I was stuck at square for a while on Hexagon mode, but getting past that change-up has me at 59.52. Yeah, 1/2 a second short of hexagon rank... 36.16 on Hexagoner & 11.11 on Hexagonest.

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Oh, and why are we surprised that the memory and power on this thing are better than consoles that are at least SIX FUCKING YEARS OLD? Apple releases a new one every single damned year, it better have more power.

The reason is that they have to worry about form factor & power consumption in ways that consoles don't. The tech driving it is probably more feature rich, but looking at raw graphical power for 3d rendering will probably fall in favor of the 6 year old consoles still.
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This isn't something I want to support so I definitely won't purchase it sight unseen. I'll probably end up playing through the game & seeing how much of a missing piece it really is. That way I'm treating it like normal DLC at that point & simply judging the game I got (excluding the DLC) for $60 as a reference for future purchases from Bioware/EA.

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@flammverit said:

Something specific I should consider before entering Sony platform? Is the Vita a good entry point?

I interpret this as... you're looking to buy into a particular brand rather than get the games or hardware itself. That's not really the best way to approach it. Though, I'm not really sure I understand where you're coming from.

All platforms are largely the same (Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Steam [seemed weird to write "Valve" there], etc.) You have hardware that can play a specific library of games. The games can be purchased at retail stores or digitally. They provide services to play games online (Microsoft charges for their service so there is a difference there). They sometimes attach additional services like Movies, TV Shows, Music, etc. since they've evolved to be entertainment devices in addition to being able to play video games. There's hardware details that can be discussed like the memory sticks & accessories of the Vita itself, but that's not really relevant to the Sony "platform".

What you should be asking yourself is whether or not you know of any games that will make buying a Vita worthwhile. Everything else is largely just periphery & shouldn't be the deciding factor (though it can help in a tie-breaker if you're choosing between multiple systems that have games you want).

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Two I haven't seen mentioned yet, but are definitely worth checking out...

Mega Mall Story (think Game Dev Story mixed with Sim Tower [I actually like this more than game dev story]) and SpellTower (boggle meets the falling block puzzle format [the new hotness of word-games]).