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I am Luke and am simply known as L here. I also use the Thorpe89 alias on some websites, such as GameSpot. So, now I'm settled here at Giant Bomb, I think it's best to say I'll be active. So, do be sure to check out what I get up to. I do read through all blogs and comment, if I feel I have something to say. I am not much of a fanboy and I do support many platforms.

I remember growing up with the SNES and then moving on from there with the N64 and PlayStation. The day I got my PlayStation 2, I remember being super happy about it. Now, I play a lot on my Xbox 360 but do play some titles on my other currently owned platforms.

Just keep an eye out on my blogs for more ramblings!


I am mainly contributing images to Giant Bomb. I preferably like to put images in galleries. When it comes down to data, I like to ensure that is accurate and in line with the standards here. I can be a bit of a perfectionist with some things, though. Like that one time where I uploading and assigning images to releases for L.A. Rush - must have taken me around an hour to get that all done.


Feel free to leave some mess on my wall (nice mess), send a PM and even leave a comment on my blogs, images and reviews. I do like it when people take the time to leave their thoughts on my contributions. Most of the time, I'll comment in blogs I am tracking and if I don't do that, I've probably at least looked at it. Have I already mentioned that?