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@Diamond: LOTRO offered lifetime subscriptions for $199 at launch (and still does offer them at $299), and has been very active and doing great since it came out in 2007. Its seen two expansion packs and tons of content updates since launch. Offering lifetime subscriptions does not mean that you plan on having the game tank :p
@ Jeff That said, they would surely offer lifetime subscriptions again in the future, and you could have subscribed for 3 months to see if splurging on the lifetime subscription was really something that made sense for you. Subscription fees are such a hassle though, I find I can really take my time without worrying about 'having' to play a game to make sure I get my money's worth when I play LOTRO (lifetime) or free-to-play MMOs like DDO. Playing MMOs on a monthly subscription just doesn't make sense if you want to play lots of different games.
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I loved Zombie Island. It was funny, a decent length, and had a much better boss fight than the regular game. Sure there was still room for improvement, but I thought it was a great model for DLC and totally worth the $10. Mad Moxxie was.... not. I'll have to wait and see for the next one, hopefully it isn't shallow and repetitive like Moxxie.

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Best quick look ever or bestest quick look ever?