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Street Fighter is the most recent though it's not much (about a half sheet of paper single-sided), though I'm starting to get serious about it again and hoping to expand that (especially since I'm likely switching characters). Before that was Starcraft II writing down build orders, timings, and and such in notepad and then maximizing it on my other monitor while playing. Outside of a competitive sense I don't think I ever have, I usually have a pretty good memory and low patience so if I get too stuck/forget something I'll usually just look it up on Gamefaqs or in the case of puzzles brute force it.

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I only hit Gold this year (was 30 coins away from Platinum, thought about grabbing another game just to hit it but realized that would be crazy), guess I can't complain about getting some free stuff but that list is a bummer. None of the games on there are really jumping out at me, maybe Zelda II or Wario Land 2? The physical goods weren't great either but there was something cool about having Nintendo mail me a "limited edition" Mario hat and a set of Mario hanafuda cards even if I'm not going to do anything with either of them, or getting the Doc Lewis Punch-Out!! thing they did a few years bad where that was the only way to play it versus a downloadable code for a game I likely already played or didn't want.

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@l1ghtn1n: Pirate guy did well, ProblemX bodies Ryan Hart daily.

Alright I don't feel so terrible about it then, till next time Mr. Pirate!

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I have no idea who the pirate with the pink stick is, but there's no way I'm not rooting for him.

And then he let me down. Why pirate duder, why?!

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When did Abel suddenly become popular? Think this is the 5th or so I've seen today. I know he got quite a few buffs but still didn't expect to see so much of him, also feels like I've been seeing him a lot more online (on PC).

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@viciousbearmauling: I got incredibly excited to see a Hugo on stream (only other one I've personally seen is Mike Ross at a WNF I think?), and he proceeds to get decimated. OH WELL!

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@flstyle: Aris can be a bit of a prick, but he's easily the best Tekken commentator that I've heard. He knows a ton about the game and people who play it, and is usually pretty entertaining on the mic.