Ranking the Mario platformers including spin-offs

Listing all the Mario platformers, both 2D and 3D plus all the spin-offs that are platformers. That means all the Yoshi's Island games, Wario Land games and DKC games. I think the only games missing are the old Game and Watch stuff and some Japan-Only stuff.

No sports games, no kart games, no party games, no puzzle games, etc.

Mario vs Donkey Kong 1 is a platformer, its in here.

Mario vs Donkey Kong 2 and the rest of that series were Lemmings-style puzzle games played with the stylus, those are out.

Luigi's Mansion doesn't actually have any platforms or jumping, those games are out.

Is Super Paper Mario a platformer? I put it here just in case.

The Top 25 games or so are ranked best to worst, but once I hit the "Decent Tier" I just listed them in chronological order. I mostly went with my gut when ranking. I tried to filter out nostalgia as best I could. On certain days, I might rank a game a little higher or lower but the games mostly stay in their tiers.

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