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The thing is that in the supposed leaked Just Cause 3 screenshots there was a screen which strongly implied that the game might have microtransactions.


So the next Just Cause 3 game might be free to play with stuff to buy. Not sure if I like a Just Cause game which has microtransactions. Especially if you can buy better weapons faster with cash.

I never used the black market guy in the first game anyway, because it seemed like money was extremely finite. Sure I had a bunch of it, but buying an airplane now and then cost so much that it would have been gone quickly. I am fully prepared to not buy anything in-game in this one too, certainly so if it has micro transactions.

I like how they've been talking about how it's not free to play like it's something to be proud of, when in fact the truth is even worse, it's going to be a $60 game with F2P cash shops and restrictions.

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An empty threat is still a threat. But even if the death threat wasn't there, this guy's outbursts were severe enough that he would have alienated the entire Steam staff anyways. It wasn't just the death threat, he was throwing one of the biggest temper tantrums I have ever seen over two issues. 1) He forgot (or never paid attention to) the hours Steam allows games to be released. This enraged him and caused him to go on a tirade over Valve's incompetence because... he himself fucked up the release time. 2) Valve mistakenly labeled his game as Early Access for an hour. This is not a small issue but one that is easily and quickly fixed by calmly talking with Steam's staff. But instead he went into an even deeper rage than before, saying a multitude of nasty things before culminating in the death threat. The death threat was perhaps the biggest factor but it was only one part of the whole picture.

With that kind of attitude of pure hostility, I don't blame Valve for ending their relationship with him and his company. That's the only sane response.

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@efesell: I disagree. 'Yo' is quite a harsh sound where as 'Yosh' is soft, and that sounds like yosh to me.

Well either way I wanna say that Smash Bros has said it the other way so who knows.

Yoshi is weird.

I don't doubt that Yo-she is the 'canon' pronunciation. I was mostly joking.

Yoshi is based on a nickname for some Japanese names which are definitely pronounced Yo-she. Like Yoshitsune or Yoshimitsu.

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This is the kind of settlement where the company possibly gains more than they lose.

so damn pathetic, there's no damage thus nothing should be paid

And what about Microsoft? Their security flaws in Windows had much worse consequences with viruses and spyware

The security breach happened on Sony's servers, operated by them. A security breach happening on your system is your responsibility regardless of who made the software being exploited. That's just how it works. You can't sue a lock manufacturer if it gets picked.

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Too little too late. Anyone that's serious about using controllers on PC is already using Dualshock 4 (or even 3) on PC instead of fidgeting with batteries for xbox controllers.

Anyone that's "serious about using controllers on PC" are probably still using 360 pads, actually. That's what everyone has had for years and while the DS4 is better, I don't know of many people who upgraded to one yet.

This is obviously just a preliminary step that will lead into MS releasing official wireless controllers for PC in the next few months. They just decided to release the official drivers as soon as they were done while they're manufacturing the PC wireless adapter.

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@freakin9: I was being specific to the "everything you do is owned by the company" type of clause many contracts have. Carmack likely had enough sway to negotiate that type of clause to be specific to office hours. Otherwise, there might be questions of ownership of some of the Armadillo Aerospace work as well.

"Everything you do that's gaming related"? Employee contracts these days are practically novels in size with a million conditions and caveats.

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Playing this for a few ours. I am right now in Chapter 2. I must say that this phone system seems very limited. Also Is there actual a way to back of from your reply's to see the other options? It happens quite a bit that this was not the thing i wanted to ask in the end^^

Also are there any decisions though just a choice or are all decisions are made from these phone reply's?

Other than that I enjoy it so far even though faris is really annoying^^

All choices are handled through the phone. It's a neat system in concept but it's not executed very well, and you pretty much need a guide if you want to see all the game has to offer without getting headaches trying to figure out how.

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This is really nice, thanks duder! Sorry to ask for even more, but it would be nice to see the recap articles that have stuff like the guest top 10 lists in them.

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You can listen to it here: https://c418.bandcamp.com/album/minecraft-volume-beta

I listened to it all today and it's all quite excellent. It's very much in the same style as the peaceful piano music currently in the game but with a bit more variation. I feel like it's actually a fairly big improvement, C418 has gotten much better as a musician over the years. Track 16, Taswell, is a tribute to Ryan Davis and is one of my favorites of the album. None of it is implemented into the actual game yet but hopefully it happens soon.

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Pretty exciting, but I wonder what this means for Walking Dead Season 2.

All I can think of now is that this will greatly impact how good Season 2 can be

Same. I really hope the guys at Telltale can pull of a good Season 2 of TWD. But I have a feeling that without Jake and Sean, it won't be nearly as compelling.