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Vinny remains the most shockingly offensive of the team. 8/8 would read again.

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Chris Slate's Twitter account says he's EiC at Mac|Life, though I'm not sure that's current. This 2011 article mentions him as EiC http://www.maclife.com/article/features/chat_siri but he doesn't show up on the current site's staff page, and Slate's LinkedIn account doesn't list the Mac|Life job, either. It does say he's still working at Future in some capacity, though, so that's cool.

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Wow, that Pooh game. I seriously thought it was a joke game after my first round, and was a bit surprised when I actually hit a ball. Hang in there, it really is possible! Lumpy is a motherfucker, though. Watch the ball's shadow instead of the ball itself, that helps significantly.

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"I feel really bad down voting a game :("

If I know I'm going to feel bad about downvoting a game, I don't downvote it. ;) Don't worry about how successful it'll be, that's their concern. I mean, we're not voting about which games are even good. We're voting on whether to even give games a CHANCE to show they're good. That's what the marketplace is for. I only downvote a game if it looks like it doesn't even have a chance of being worthwhile.

Even if they only get a single sale, that's still better than the 0 steam sales they'd get otherwise. Basically, the only games I downvote are the ones that look like they don't even have effort put into them. Like very simple, very generic puzzle games - match-3, etc. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92982170 This is basically the prime example of something I'd downvote.

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The "Will Minecraft be on Ouya at launch?" question isn't a simple one. Yes, you will be able to play Minecraft at launch. This is a meaningful distinction from Wii or PS3. However, you'll have to install the Google Play app, then load it on from there. At the same time, is there a confirmed special Ouya version of Minecraft? No, as everyone has said. It's not hidden information or anything, the KS page lays out that Mojang games aren't confirmed for Ouya.

So it's actually a really murky issue. You can't just easily say "minecraft will be on ouya" or "minecraft won't be on ouya". They're both true. Yeah, Uhrman is spinning the message. That's marketing! Kickstarters are pure marketing, and no part of a Kickstarter is more marketing than the pitch video. Hell, just calling it a "pitch video" acknowledges this. We all know they're gonna try to make their product sound as appealing as possible. Since when does this give us such deep concerns and make us accuse respectable pros like Behar and Fries of being scam artists?

I guess my main issue is that there are such real concerns about the Ouya, such as the game library, the lack of software & hardware information, and concerns that they can deliver in such a short time. But nobody's even talking about the worthwhile issues, because they'd rather just make attacks on the Ouya team for being "shady". And thus we can't even get a good debate going.

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"Who's going to develop for a console with 7,000 units?"

Well, how about 20,000 units? And that's about 24 hours in. I imagine that number is going to go up. Also, for a less sarcastic response:


200 BACKERS SOLD OUT (0 of 200 remaining)

Developer Special. A first-run OUYA (already rooted so you can just get going), EARLY SDK ACCESS, an extra controller, and we'll help you get started. We'll also help you promote your game for ONE YEAR, and your games will be marked with a FOUNDER EMBLEM."

So apparently at least 200 devs. And I've spoken to other devs who were interested but missed the window.

The fact that this is Android is irrelevant to the types of games people will make for it. Saying this is "for angry birds & mobile games"... doesn't make sense. You have to look at this from a dev's PoV to understand why it's exciting. The industry folks are hyped over this. That's all you need to know.

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Christ, you'd think it'd be in their creditors interest to let them keep running for an extra week so they could put out the title and get some extra income in order to actually, you know, pack back their creditors.

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@Brodehouse: Go look up "suspension of disbelief". It is not a sign of schizophrenia to let yourself believe that media is real. It's the basis of art.

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That immersion video made no sense to me, like the guy was autistic or something. Immersion has a perfectly valid meaing that's different than engaging or exciting or attention-grabbing, or anything else. A billboard with a naked woman on it might grab my attention, but it's not "immersive". It's a pretty literal world, what's the issue? It's a feeling of actually being in another world. Am I weird for feeling this? Like, schizophrenic or something?