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I personally wouldn't enjoy very much of that run, but this seems like a great idea. Also yes playing RE6 for yourself is quite important (A lot of people led be to believe that RE5 wasn't very good but I played it and it was one of the best games of the year for me. I still think RE6 is a piece of crap though.)

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Dark Souls. I rage quit when the butterfly looking boss killed me when I had a spare 17000 souls and 8 humanity. I can still get it back but as I have barely any magic resistance that thing just destroys me.

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@Hizang: I thought I had my shit figured today, you've thrown a spanner in the works.

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When I got 100% Cliffs of Dover on expert (Guitar Hero 3). I have the scars to prove it (I literally cannot play Guitar Hero anymore). And the term Epic Win is dumb as hell.

Edit: I thought I should clarify. On the run where I achieved 100% everything went well, I was so happy I had finally done it, but I then realised what had happened. My pinky had completely locked up, so instinctivlely I used my other hand to move it. It was a sharp quick pain and my pinky has never been the same. Now whenever I straighten my pinky it locks in place and I have to conciously focus on moving it back to normal.

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Hopefully us who signed up after Thanksgiving can get in soon.

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My soon to be aquired Pikachu 3DS.

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My first playthrough of Dear Esther was something else. Oh and I would love to experience Fez again.

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I'm so happy this thread is back.

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I used to get Bill Murray and Tom Hanks mixed up all the time.

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Stealth games are weird. Splinter Cell: Conviction is the most fun I've had with a stealth game, take that how you will (I really liked conviction).
I also played both Crysis games like stealth games. I had a good time but often found myself avoiding most large encounters with enemies and felt like I was doing the game wrong for most of it (I was missing most enemy encounters). But surely invisibility was included in both games because stealth was supposed to be a core gameplay mechanic. What I'm getting at is that for a lot of people they don't feel like they are playing stealth games right and that's what people find off putting.