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I've always felt splashing out on keyboards is dumb. My microsoft essentials keyboard set me back 10 bucks and it does everything I want it to.

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@EpicSteve said:

I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which is classified as an anxiety disorder. This disorder goes into a number of issues that range in severity. After struggling for awhile, I adopted a new life philosophy, "STOP THINKING!". That may sound silly, but it helps in all aspects in my life. If you can't control something, throw your hands in the air and say "fuck it!". I promise your stress levels will plummet.

On the money, I get pretty bad anxiety and just have to remind myself that what happens, happens.

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My best guess is probably in about 3 hours time.

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I agree with you whole heartedly. I'm actually achieving full builds with my supports now when you used to barely ever get close. You just feel like a complete monster when you pull off some successful supporting to turn a teamfight on it's head. I usually play Lulu incase you were wondering.

Sejuani support is pretty great.

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@BBQBram: It usually comes around 4 or 5 in the afternoon (PST). The latest we've ever gotten one was about 10 minutes to midnight.

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I have no idea what's rare and what isn't.

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Wilhelm scream.

Edit: That Ultralisk was scary as hell.

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More games utilising the fact that they are games.

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Getting stuck in something and never being able to get out.

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The best one.