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Use dem bound spellz.

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Huh, didn't know this thread existed.



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As an avid LoL player, I gotta point out that most of the community can be awful.

And this seems basically like an ad.

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How much do people know about how a proposed euthanasia clinic would operate? It involves lengthy counselling to make sure that the patient knows about every option they have, during this counselling they make sure that the patient isn't making this decision due to depression or other mental conditions.

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Which was better in Tokyo Jungle?

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I remember jeff saying he didn't like the combat much but that's about it. And while both are hard games, Binding of Isaac is much harder.

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What I've played of Xenoblade Chronicles sure makes a strong case.

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First of all, don't think that I don't care about any of the other developers under THQ. I really hope that everyone working under THQ comes out of this mess in the best shape possible.

Do relic own their IPs? Who is Company of Heroes 2 (assuming it gets pushed out) earning money for? And I assume Dawn of War 3 is never gonna happen.

(I'm writing this on my phone, sorry if something is screwed up)

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I still had fun.

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They'd never charge a grand for a console here again, surely. Didn't the PS3 sell awfully here compared to the 360 during launch?