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I felt so much cooler just bum rushing dudes with my shotgun.

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Oh man, either a Coleco Vision or a Dreamcast.

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The Workplace for me, mainly because it was the best at being a parody.

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I was gonna bitch about how I found beating Eeyore hard, but then I realised I didn't have a clue about how to spell it.

Edit: Still can't beat him.

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I love coming back to this thread every now and again, it's always an interesting read.

@Pr1mus said:

The story in The Walking Dead isn't very good.

I just finished Episode 2 and so far I agree with you.

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Moonrise Kingdom is also my number one, one of the most endearing films I've ever seen (Once Upon a Time in Anatolia is a close second) . Dredd was better than expected (I expected a Green Lantern level of quality, but got one of the better comic adaption films of the last 5 years) but I still think that a potato could act better than Karl Urban. Skyfall was great, the truest Bond film of the Craig attempts, with spectacular and absurd locations, a good amount of humor and they brought back Q which was dope. I never understood the Avengers love, it's a better than average action film with nothing to distinct itself from the rest of the crowd.

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I want to find the 3 others that had Torchlight 2 as their GOTY.

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@me3639: According to their achievements Jeff has finished chapter 2 and Brad has barely touched it.

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Note that all of the games mentioned so far require considerable time sinks.