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Note that all of the games mentioned so far require considerable time sinks.

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Torchlight 2. I am completely biased as it's my favourite game of the year but I think that most critics didn't have time to play it outside of the review. The cynic in me says it's because it wasn't a title with the name Diablo despite the fact that Torchlight 2 was dubbed by many as what Diablo 3 should have been. But then again I never heard it mentioned when the bombcrew discussed the games they had to play before GOTY.

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@ZeForgotten: HEATHEN.

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You can rewind?

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I am glad you made this thread.

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I've set a new rule for myself, I shant buy it unless it's 5 bucks or under.

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I don't think they will have 2 screens.

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@hidys: Huh, out of all the colloquialisms we have here, lollies has never struck me as one people wouldn't get.

Hope you had a good Christmas by the way.

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Depends who holds the proof.

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Ham, good ham.