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Just bumping this thread because it seems many don't know about this game and I think it needs some attention.

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For those who haven't you can get it here(It's free)

I've only played about 20 mins of it (and gotten nowhere) but so far I think it's pretty good.

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C'mon guys "Hate" is a strong word.

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@Hungry: "I ate a tree?" and "OH SHIT HE HAS FLASH ON LIKE A 5 SECOND COOLDOWN" are other 2 notables.

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The skins are cool and the gifting system has been sorely missed for ages. What did you guys think of the removed Kat recall? I thought it was pretty gross but havent heard many other opinions on it.

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I play LoL at least couple hours a day and I found Dota 2 pretty alien. This was my initial expierence with it "What, why can't I recall? Secret shops? OH SHIT THE DONKEY DIED. And nearly always picking Storm Spirit regardless of everyone else has never really worked out.

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@Branthog: I got the best Control ending and thought the ending was overwhelmingly average but not terrible. But hey lets not turn this thread into another one of those threads.

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This could have been done a little more tastefully. But I think I kind of agree with how ridiculous some people were when it came to the Mass Effect 3 ending.

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Machinarium. For me it's the prettiest and most endearing game I've ever played. Grim Fandango is a very close second.