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Why must people immediatley associate unknown things with dicks?

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The Coleco Vision. Zaxxon all day every day.

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I've owned it for nearly 2 years now but never played it, is it worth my time?

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Oh god that horn.

I wish my GPS told me to get off the road every time it had to tell me sometihng.

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@Atta: It's the US version unless stated otherwise.

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@envane said:

my little pony is pretty fucking stupid

That is so extremely far from an unpopular opinion.

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It's not that the medium is artistic it's the pieces themselves. I think this true with anything creative. It is what it is depending on who's eyes you see it in.

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Moonrise Kingdom easily.

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Just bumping this thread because it seems many don't know about this game and I think it needs some attention.

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For those who haven't you can get it here(It's free)

I've only played about 20 mins of it (and gotten nowhere) but so far I think it's pretty good.