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Not sure about unexpected but Runescape will probably last forever.

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I really enjoyed that one. Shame Ricciardo couldn't get 2nd, he was driving phenomenally. That battle for fifth was crazy and Maldonado you poor, poor man.

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Man Q1 was strange.

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God, I think it was the Dante's Inferno Quick Look.

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To the football. Norwich win 8-3.

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Oh man, great last few laps.

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@khann: Yeah I think so, gotta feel for the guy though.

@dannyodwyer Are you going to watch the Arsenal game? For me watching Norwich try to score 19 goals sounds possibly fun, it'll probably be incredibly depressing, but hey you never know.

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Poor Pastor...

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Awesome start for Botas.

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@rethla: I think it's another one?