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wow, there's a whole lot of selective reading going on in this post. interesting how none of the guys here who are trying to make the soldier out to be a hero by shooting down everything i say actually had very little to say back to this 'to clarify. Just because something may ultimately be necessary, that doesn't mean it still isn't butchery. Butchery should never be glorified.' I understand this guy was doing his job- but he is the one who chose to follow professional killing as a career path. He should have accepted the moral consequences of that choice; instead he's exploiting the situation by writing some lame book about how 'badass' he thinks he is and grinning like a moron for photo ops- it shows a total lack of respect and understanding of the war at large.So he probably saved a few lives in the process- for that he should be lauded, but I bet it wasn't anywhere near the number he took. like someone pointed out earlier, why isn't this a medic or radio operative who's being hailed as a badass for SAVING 200+ lives. In answer to your statement about how its a dog eat dog world, I totally agree with you- but that doesn't mean we should idolize shit like this. There's a reason wolves don't talk; they're un-evolved animals- just like this redneck asshole is.

Oh, and for crying out loud, how can any of you defend/ admire a guy who says he was able to make so many kills because 'Jesus blew the bullets in the right direction to hit'. I had no idea this site had so many military nuts. I'm not actually anti-war per se. It's often unavoidable in the end. I just think dickheads like these and those who defend them diminish those who have genuinely fought, and perhaps died, in defense of their ideals over the centuries.

fucking spot on

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It was probably written in Swahili

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is crysis 2 just forgotten about?

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@GloriousDinosaur: i know a fair few people who own kangaroos

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I really really hope its in Vice City. Or London, I mean you never know...

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Not really. each world would be Like an actual where's wally/waldo page and timed. not quite sure how it woul work though

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I was thinking. What if Wally/Waldo was like a fugitive. Each Level would be you as a person looking for him from a third/first person perspective through a densely populated area. You would ask people if they had seen him and you would mark him on your map or write what they told you in your notes. Sometimes your leads would turn out to be lookalikes (eg. someone with the same hat or something), traps or something else that isnt Wally/Waldo. Not quite sure why Wally/Waldo would be a fugitive, but I thought this seemed kind of cool.

Any Thoughts?

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These games have so much love in them

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I love playing horror games because they keep you alert and on your toes. The scariest for me was Amnesia. One horror game that really failed to scare me was Condemned 2. Except for the bear level...

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Zork I, Zork II and nearly Leather Goddesses of Phobos. Played a bunch though