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I was thinking. What if Wally/Waldo was like a fugitive. Each Level would be you as a person looking for him from a third/first person perspective through a densely populated area. You would ask people if they had seen him and you would mark him on your map or write what they told you in your notes. Sometimes your leads would turn out to be lookalikes (eg. someone with the same hat or something), traps or something else that isnt Wally/Waldo. Not quite sure why Wally/Waldo would be a fugitive, but I thought this seemed kind of cool.

Any Thoughts?

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These games have so much love in them

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I love playing horror games because they keep you alert and on your toes. The scariest for me was Amnesia. One horror game that really failed to scare me was Condemned 2. Except for the bear level...

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Zork I, Zork II and nearly Leather Goddesses of Phobos. Played a bunch though

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Where is it?

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wow mass effect like just copy pasted the whole thing

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erm The Devil's Backbone

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cheers I had so much fun with that game, but never finished it.

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I have really fond memories of it just can't remember the name. You are on this kind of utopia planet but I think you were sent to earth for some reason. You find that earth has been enslaved. This guy in a space station then starts a union with you to rebel against the bad guys. So you go off lookingh for allies.

it had kind of the same proby thingy that mass effect had to get resources. There were random encounters with bounty hunters and stuff that you fight in your ship.

Any ideas?

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Reese's peanut buttercups are god