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Oh man, great last few laps.

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@khann: Yeah I think so, gotta feel for the guy though.

@dannyodwyer Are you going to watch the Arsenal game? For me watching Norwich try to score 19 goals sounds possibly fun, it'll probably be incredibly depressing, but hey you never know.

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Poor Pastor...

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Awesome start for Botas.

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Just ate a vindaloo for dinner.

Sounds like an steering problem?

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Whatevs, Lord Jaraxxus is great, everyone should play him all the time.

Literally the coolest card.

In Hearthstone's defense, there are a fair few interesting ways you can get neutrals behaving differently, for example many cards gain a bunch of value when played in decks with lots of weapons. Hero specific abilities and cards have a huge affect on the game and how it's played. Like a Warlock is all about damaging their opponent and themselves so Warlock games tend to be quicker whereas the Priest is all about sustainability and control so they tend to be late game oriented.

The freedom of other CCGs is missed though. For example Solforge allows for much more creativity and variety in decks with the two class system, while still managing to have those weird cards with their gimmicks in high quantities. This might be because there are less classes which inherently allows for more fleshed out and varied themes within each class.

As for taking it too seriously or forcing ideas, views and play-styles on others, it's all down to the want to win these games vs. the want to have fun, it isn't one or the other, it's just that a lot of people have fun if they're winning while others will have fun regardless. You could be like me however and think about what's the "right" or "wrong" way to play because you like having a number next to you're name which apparently means you're good. I'm rank 2 and want to get to Legend so that's gotta happen somehow. This isn't why I play the game though. My Pirate deck is by far the funnest deck I play with. I probably only win like 1/3 games with it but I enjoy every single one.

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Kidnapper needs some serious changes, pretty much unplayable.

@sessh: Jaraxxus is powerful but also puts the warlock in closing distance and wastes his turn late in the game.

While undeniably strong, Jaraxxus aint all that. Most Warlocks wont run him because they're all about rushing and he takes up a turn. In addition most late game Warlock decks suck ass so if you get to the point where you're screwed over by Jaraxxus, you were probably going to lose anyway. Warlocks and to a much lesser extent Priests can screw a Jaraxxus over with demon destroying cards (although most aren't used much atm).

Essentially you're usually standing on a knife's edge when playing Jaraxxus (If you've drawn him early enough). You skip a turn to bring him out, which means risking leaving the opposition's board unchecked, at which point you could be within finishing distance. But hey you get to yell a people a whole bunch while this is going down.

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Go hire Ryan Scott. I would love to hear him and Jeff talk video games.