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@draugen said:

That ONE time I got summoned in as a Blue Sentinel, and was actually on time to help.

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Ice cream > Lasagne

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Whenever i see those all i can think about is this poor woman.

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I just sent a girl I hang out with Fields of Gold lyrics. They were supposed to go to someone else as part of a joke but it's too late now.

The lyrics...

"Will you stay with me, will you be my love? Among the fields of barley.

We'll forget the sun in his jealous sky, as we lie in fields of gold."

Anyway I thought other people's screw ups might make me feel a bit better.

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I guess the reason I wanted to know was that revisting this kind of game is way easier than most, they age well.

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Well, after writing the thread title I wondered what defines this kind of game in the first place. Wikipedia lists them as "Vehicular combat games" (there are a few in there where the game isn't inherently a racing game like Rage and Auto Assault). What seems to primarily define that list is power ups and destructible opponents but I'm not so sure a game like Split Second is in the same vein as say, Mario Kart. I guess rubber-band AI would have a large role in defining this as well but that system is present in more than just these types of games. I guess it's up to you as to what defines a cart racer.

From what I've read Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed is supposed to be really good (?) but I haven't played it, so I'll say Mario Kart 7. Anyway, I thought the responses to this will interesting because there hasn't been anything close to a standout this gen in this weird racing sub-genre.

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The developer interview on Electronic Super Joy deserves a mention at least

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The first guy to get a visa, Danny Le, is the coolest guy ever, Hakuna Chapanya.