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The first guy to get a visa, Danny Le, is the coolest guy ever, Hakuna Chapanya.

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Australia deserves to have some problems. On top of the fact that the Australians live in a land full of the world's deadliest creatures, it's pretty much a tropical paradise. They've got a low crime rate, sexy women, kangaroos, a great accent, and a version of Bigfoot.

The Yowie is NO JOKING MATTER. Seriously though, we got 6 of em

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This is so great.

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Man, I just really wanted to talk about this game. It's really quite special.

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Recently every time I've seen this Oscar Preditiction stuff I've read Oscar Pistorius.

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Thanks duder.

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Michael Atkinson is striving for more power at the moment.

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It's all about the girth.

That's what I tell myself at least.