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Thanks duder.

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Michael Atkinson is striving for more power at the moment.

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@petiew said:

It's all about the girth.

That's what I tell myself at least.

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No, I am deathly afraid of it in fact.

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Man that would have been cool.

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when he looked at Dark Souls, cause that game is so ugly hey oh

i'll walk myself out.

That made me laugh way too hard.

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Now I can lie about all the amazing S-ranks I have.

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The only reason this frustrates me is the fact that I'm too lazy to make an extra click.

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I am glad I was reminded I could change it. Black is so much better.

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I'm just gonna copy paste the urban dictionary definition.

a hair monster with 6 legs,small eyes,a big nose, does nothing but eat,has a cape, a crown,lives in the forest, and is the king of all imagenary animals. He also has his own brand of tape.
Woah check that thing out is it an Ofus????