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Well, any if their are any Australians up for it, I think i'll throw my hat in the ring.

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Judging by the word overly most of the really hard games I've played are disqualified as their difficulty was by design and worked as intended.

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@NinjaBerd: Fuck yeah you did.

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The Beast from Doctor Who.

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@jorbear: You are just asking for some flaming.

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I got this with Quake all the time.

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@visualninja said:

@mlarrabee said:

Woodford Reserve Distiller's Select - Drop a cherry in it.

Jameson Special Reserve - Neat or over a little ice.

Glenfiddich 12 or 18-21 - Neat.

Laphroaig - Over ice.

I second the Glenfiddich 12, really really good. can be pricey.

Also if your not into beer that much, try Guinness (the tall can is the best, pour in a glass) and Boddingtons pub ale is similar but lighter. both are smooth and don't have the bitterness that most people don't like in beer.

I third Glenfiddich.

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How about a game where Mario and Wario team up after Waluigi convinces Luigi that they should rule the world together?

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Excluding Brian is a travesty.

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Got any cheese?