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I use it every now and again but mainly so I can flex the I Have a NeoGAF Account muscle once a year and impress one in about 50 people. But yes that thing's alright.

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A conservative estimate comes in at around 7 grand, so yes.

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How could you not vote Trafalgar?

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@Rowr said:

What the fuck is up with these threads.

Ideal childbearing.

ideal time to die.

consent of age laws.


What's prompted these threads?

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What prompted you to start this thread?

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Zoo Keeper Battle, all day everyday.

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I personally wouldn't enjoy very much of that run, but this seems like a great idea. Also yes playing RE6 for yourself is quite important (A lot of people led be to believe that RE5 wasn't very good but I played it and it was one of the best games of the year for me. I still think RE6 is a piece of crap though.)

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Dark Souls. I rage quit when the butterfly looking boss killed me when I had a spare 17000 souls and 8 humanity. I can still get it back but as I have barely any magic resistance that thing just destroys me.