No blog tonight. Kind of.

Unfortunately, my employer has me working on a new project tonight that requires my full attention. I'll try and blog tomorrow.

 I just downloaded the Darksiders soundtrack. So I'll have plenty to talk about.

Also, go buy FFXIII on the PS3. The game isn't without flaws, but it's still awesome.




Let me introduce you to an acronym I continuously used in during my time in Baghdad. IDGAF.  It stands for "I don't give a F***." IDGAF was the very first thought that came to my mind when they introduced the Sony Move today.   

Seriously?! Is this what Sony really needs? The Sony Move is coming from the same people who brought you PlayStation Home... the people who said rumble was last generation... the people who made, and promoted the PSPGo.   

Sony has a bad reputation of over promising, over hyping, and failing to deliver. I'm not moved by the Sony Move nor will I be an early adopter (again). Sony has used and abused my trust, and this time, they're going to have to prove themselves to me.

I love my PlayStation 3, and quite honestly, it doesn't need this.

Anyway, I'm going to go home and down my Sony sorrows into FFXIII.

FFXIII is awesome and highly recommended.    




Before leaving on my hour long drive to work FFXIII arrived. I almost felt like I was 'sick' and maybe I should call out ... but I didn't; I made the long drive, and now I'm sitting here at work wishing I had. All well.

 I had a thought.

The majority of complaints against FFXIII are focused on the linearity of the game, but would it still be a Final Fantasy game if they gave the player choices. I've personally only thought of FF games as more of an interactive story than anything else. The game just moves the player from plot point to plot point.  

This brings me to the point that linearity really isn't a bad thing.  How many entertainment mediums, besides games, do you have control over the story? Chose your own adventure books... maybe? Certainly not TV and movies.

While you may not have all the control you want, FFXIII will take you from point A to B in a stylistic way, but that isn't what FF games are all about?    


A weekend of games

I spent the last weekend in bed. Being sick simply sucks. I did spend some time in between my death throws to play some Bad Company 2, Mass Effect 2, and Borderlands. Is that really a surprise? Those seem to be my go to games as of late. 

Battlefield Bad Company 2 continues to impress me. The single player portion has such strong characters and takes a totally different view of war than other first person shooters. When you slow down and let the characters talk they have the same conversations I've had with other people. The characters side conversations made them appear more genuine as well as add a level of depth and believability to the game. These little additions make Bad Company 2 standout in what is an already overcrowded genre.

The time I had in Mass Effect 2 was all spent scanning planets. Yep. For half an hour I just scanned planets and made absolutely no progress in the story. I'm still not totally sure if this is a good thing or not, but it does prove I have OCD when it comes to RPGs. In any other genre I'm not nearly as anal. I swear.

As always, I love any time I spend in Borderlands. The game is incredible. I love the writing and overall tone of the game. I fought Shank and found a CL4P-TP in the DLC.  
The whole time I spent exploring the prison about had me laughing. I can't wait to play it again.

I just received and email stating my copy of Final Fantasy XIII shipped today. Hopefully I'll find some time to play it, but I doubt it as I'm working from now until I fly into Tucson and I still need to finish my best man toast for the reception.

I need to get some studying done.    

Have a great day and I'll see you online.    




Never forget dinner. That's tonight's lesson. I'm sitting here starving to death listening to my coworker go on and on about World of Warcraft, and well… honestly… it's pretty much a normal night.

This weekend is going to be packed with everything but gaming. My fiancé is coming over tonight so we can plan the wedding. I guess staying out of the decision making process until the cake selection isn't couth. In addition, this weekend is her birthday; so, some friends are coming over to play Rock Band and enjoy cake (see how they get cake without effort and I have to work for mine?). Anyway, this may provide me a reason to check out the Rock Band Network. This is, of course, for the party. No Dragon Age or Bad Company 2 this weekend, all well, I love her more.

I do love Dragon Age: Origins (DAO). I started playing in on my PS3 but I ended up re-buying the collector's edition through Steam. The PC is undoubtedly the system of choice for DAO. I played a little this morning, and I finally to the Mages Tower. I'm almost half way done with the game. Kind of. I need to figure what specialty I should take for my dwarven warrior.

There have been so many great games already this year and I can't keep up. Final Fantasy (FF) XIII comes out Tuesday. I can hardly believe it’s here. Of course, it has to come out on the same week I work ten days strait. After the long stretch of work I fly back to Tucson for five days, fly back and work another ten days in a row… which leads right into the release of Splinter Cell Conviction.

Despite not having any time to play FFXIII I'm really excited about the game. There are just a few issues I have with JRPGs in general.

1)    Lack of control.  The player has no real control on the outcome of the story. I'm watching and interacting, but there is nothing I can do to change the outcome of the game.

2)    Suspending disbelief.  Videogames are a lot like movies. It takes a certain amount of believability to make the world come to life. The FF games don't really do a job of establishing their world. Why do guys with swords have a chance against an enemy with a gun? Then there is the way over the top action of the cinematics. Don't get me wrong, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Halo, and inFAMOUS, to name a few, all have some crazy worlds, and game play elements, but there is a reason, and it's established so it works.

3)    Grinding. Unless you're with a hot date, grinding really isn't fun.

I take some issue with other elements as well, but those are the mainstay of why I think JRPGs don’t work well in The US.

I've gone on far too long and I need to scavenge some food. 

Have a great day, and I'll see you online.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2

So, it’s been kind of a wild night at work. I’ve actually deicide to put some effort into my classes. Getting a masters in sociology isn’t as easy as I was hoping. The reason I’m studying now is because I was up until 4 am playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (BF: BC2). It is absolutely incredible. Even though I suck at the game, it’s still awesome.  

I’ve always loved the multiplayer in the Battlefield games, and bad company is no exemption. While BF: BC2 single player game play elements have been greatly improved the real hook of the game is the multiplayer. The class based system is still implemented, but allows for some tweaks to compliment your style of game play. Of course, like in all Battlefield games, bad medics are all over the place.

I went with the Xbox 360 version this time. I’m hoping the headset will allow for greater communication and collaboration within the squads…   OR I could be harassed by whinny thirteen year olds who just complain and yell at their parents. I predict a lot more of the latter.

See you online.