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@adequatelyprepared: I need to pick up Golden. That is fantastic. I must have spent hours rerolling those personas.

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Make sure when you fuse that you're reading the abilities and re-roll if necessary. Always, ALWAYS register the persona.

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@cornbredx: the goddamn egg omelett MRE. Every time. EVERY TIME. There were days I survived on peanut butter.

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Games should be entertaining.

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I feel like the Information Age has given rise to large amounts of Groupthink, confirmation bias, straw man, and "no true Scotsman" fallacies. How easy is it to find something that confirms what you believe. Or to block people that believe something else.

As a side note, I wouldn't be surprised if Twitter will add a subscription plan, and only those people who pay would be allow to tweet at verified accounts.

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I kind of wished it had ended in the RV with her talking to Lee. I get why they didn't, but I think that ending would have been more powerful.

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Metro Redux is really good

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Ubisoft in general has a lot of collectibles and I have a problem needing to collect them... except for the flags. f**k those flags.

Season 2 of the Walking Dead dragged on a bit for me. Episode 1-3 felt like they should have been condensed.

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Great job duder. It looks amazing

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I agree with Ian Bogost here:

Someone need to tell Mountain Dew and Doritos because I'm pretty sure they market directly to gamers