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I went rouge. "There’s a lot of face and neck stabbing, if you like to stab dudes in the face and neck. There’s one really good move where you will stab a dude five or six times super quickly, shank style, like,uh uh uh uh uh, just jabbing—and that’s oddly satisfying.”

Edit. I really miss Ryan.

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Because mandating that we all purchase new versions of old games is complete and utter bullsh... Wait, what? We're not required to buy them? Oh, I don't get it then, either.

I think the problem is that when Sony's biggest game (of 2014) is a release of game that came out a year earlier there is a problem. I (we?) bought the new consoles with the promise of new content. I didn't buy a new console to play games that were one to five years old. If I wanted that experience I would have bought a new graphics card and bought the games again on Steam for $12 during a sale... they'd even run a 60 FPS.

I guess it's just disappointment for me. I wanted something new; while they've been releasing stopgap remakes and remasters for consoles that are already feeling old.

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Reviewers can't fail a product, they fail their readers.

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Honestly there isn't one good solution. You really need a combination that will work together rather than attacking one another.

Just make sure you have something that is dedicated to looking for rootkits. Rootkits are real awful mother fuckers and most anti-virus software won't detect them.

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@wreakones: people are just spamming heist messages. My in game phone is going nuts. You can do them at any level, but to initiate it takes level 12 and luxury apartment. My level 47 guy was deleted some how so I had to start over.

If anyone one wants me add L4W0G invite me no matter what I'm playing. I even have a mic if desired.

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I wanted to get it, but BestBuy, Target, Walmart, Mom and Pop shops didn't get it. at all. The closest copy is over an hour away in another city. :( I could go to gamestop... but nope. Amazon it is.

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Is it any different than skipping ads with a DVR? Or what about muting ads? Getting up to take a piss when the ads are on? Do you feel morally wrong for checking social media when the ads are on? The ad market has a serious problem: It's out dated. It's not an easy problem to solve, you can choose to not have ad block or you can use ad block to have a better experience. Therein lies the problem, ads worsen the experience.

On the flip side, TV shows block out brands that they could be paid to promote. What if the Giant Bomb crew worked out a branding deal with Surge to only Surge on the live streams? It gets into really murky water with disclosure and the FTC, but brand deals may be the way things go.

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It doesn't have to be TNT returning, but having them directly interacting with the community while playing game would be great

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@bwheeeler: You'd think they wouldn't take it down, but post the games in the series to PS NOW. It seems like a great way to hype the release while making money.