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Well the easiest suggestion would be to test drive the ones you're interested in. Reading and watching reviews on the cars will only go so far.

Also you may want to consider buying a used version of one of the models you're looking at. Buying one that's even a couple of years old can save you money on the depreciation.

I couldn't agree more. I think it's super dumb to take out a loan, that incurs interest, to buy a new car that depreciates from 18-28% of it's value in the first year (50-70% by year five). Unless you're a multi-millionaire, buying a new car just doesn't make financial sense.

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Glad you're safe duder. That sounded like a rough and scary day.

The corporate media is a real bitch sometimes. It's interesting to hear your thoughts on how social media can bend the (or make their own) truth too.

Thanks for the write up Jacob.


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are you practicing writing headlines for Buzz feed?

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Honestly, if you have a decent PC you'll miss a few exclusives, but you should be able to play most of the games. However,you should keep in mind Nintendo is releasing a new system soon(ish). It's up to you. I just think the next gen consoles are a let down... but we're still "early"... maybe

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I was reading that the PC isn't going to look that much better than the PS4/X1 editions so I am kind of torn. I would like to see a comparison video before I start throwing money around.

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I would try it before you buy it. If you don't have friends playing, do not buy it.

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I play most of my RPGs on the PC. I really don't like using the PS4 controller with PC games. So, if I am going to use a controller (in a game like Witcher 2) i just go with the wired 360.

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Seeing as Vinny has played through all of the Witcher games, I'm going with him. The review embargo lifts at 0700 (PDT) tomorrow. So I hope we find out then.

I didn't know reviews would be coming out so soon

That's what Arthur Gies (from Polygon) said on his Rebel FM podcast. I thought most NDAs fell under their own NDA (don't talk about when the NDA lifts) but I guess not. I can give you a link to the podcast if you want it.