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@tru3_blu3: "Blow Me Away" is Breaking Benjamin. It's was just on the soundtrack.

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I don't know that you can be fired and "Today, as friends, we say goodbye."

His music is incredible. The ODST soundtrack was amazing.

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@trafalgarlaw: people like to watch other have sex in real time. And they'll pay to see it happen. I don't know that they question their kinship.

If someone enjoys being an exhabitionist that's cool, but there's a place for it (and it's not on The Playroom). Exposing yourself to minors is still illegal as well as minors exposing themselves to adults.

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If your going to fuck on camera, why not use a site where you can get paid, rather than getting your PSN and twitch account banned?

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@nettacki: oops. Damn phone auto correct. I'll fix it

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@hailinel: absolutely. However, the question is why not just release it solely on the Wii-U? Nintendo needs to move Wii-U systems. Smash Bros (and Mario Kart) are the games to do it. I'm just afraid that not having 100% parity isn't going to get people to spend another $300+ to buy a Wii U and the game again.

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@generic_username: pretty much! Look at what Microsoft was doing with Titanfall, or how well INfamous sold. We're thirsty for games and putting a "system seller" out months ahead on your more popular system isn't the best business idea. I could be wrong, but if you made it Wii U exclusive you would likely move Wii U units.

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I wonder if Nintendo is trying to kill the Wii U at this point.

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if you Google "Penn & Teller: Bullshit - Season 6 - Ep 66: Sensitivity Training" it's a great episode and I think totally applies. I'd post the link to the full episode on YouTube, but there might be nudity.