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The YMCA has programs for kids. that might be the best way to teach him.

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I watch it on my Xbox One using IE; but that's because with premium I get HTML 5 videos (no flash player).

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"In the 1960s, the Unruh Civil Rights Act was interpreted to provide broad protection from arbitrary discrimination by business owners. Cases decided during that era held that business owners could not discriminate, for example, against hippies, police officers, homosexuals, or Republicans, solely because of who they were." (Right now the Unruh Civil Rights Act is in CA law).

"In cases in which the patron is not a member of a federally protected class, the question generally turns on whether the business's refusal of service was arbitrary, or whether the business had a specific interest in refusing service. For example, in a recent case, a California court decided that a motorcycle club had no discrimination claim against a sports bar that had denied members admission to the bar because they refused to remove their "colors," or patches, which signified club membership. The court held that the refusal of service was not based on the club members' unconventional dress, but was to protect a legitimate business interest in preventing fights between rival club members."

"Like many issues involving constitutional law, the law against discrimination in public accommodations is in a constant state of change. Some argue that anti-discrimination laws in matters of public accommodations create a conflict between the ideal of equality and individual rights. Does the guaranteed right to public access mean the business owner's private right to exclude is violated? For the most part, courts have decided that the constitutional interest in providing equal access to public accommodations outweighs the individual liberties involved."


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Well if he also refused to take their money (or would refund the money) I see no issue with refusing service to a potential customer, if that's his prerogative. Its pretty rare for a game developer to put their money where their mouth is in such a direct way as this, but hey that's one heck of a strong statement. I doubt this policy would have made much of a positive impact one way or the other, but I had no idea a developer could even make a stand like this on a digital distribution platform.

You might want to look into SB 1062 in Arizona and see what a reaction it had on the US.

I understand where you are coming from with his prerogative, but when you start discriminating against groups of people based on their beliefs, race, gender, etc.it sets a bad precedent. Can you imagine a group that wouldn't sell to someone because they're black or Jewish or liberal? It's OK to disagree with GamerGate; however, I think, discrimination crosses the line.

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This year has had some real highs and lows for sure. There were a lot of mediocre games, and highs just don't feel like they have matched the lows. I don't think it's been a bad year, it just as great as others.

Also, it also seems like this was the year of re-releasing games (Sleeping Dogs. The Last of Us, and Halo to name a few).

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John Bain (TotalBiscit) was saying that he had a similar issue with his dual 980s (when he was trying to make his WTF video). That's a real bummer.

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This retailer will probably black list you from ever working there again; but if your taking classes and work is being unreasonable about your time to study, then you have to choose a priority for your life.

Also, you'll be fucking over your co-workers pretty badly. If the know you're quitting they can change the schedule; however, if you just disappear you're putting a lot of "the suck" on your co-workers (less hands = more work).

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@asurastrike: Have you met Sera yet? I love that character and she is probably my favorite of the series. Butts Butts Butts!

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I wonder if Nina Leven has ever seen male characters in video games. Almost everyone gets the ideal character; from the look to the personality. What guy doesn't want to be Nathan Drake? It's called escapism. we (men and women) don't want real life; we want the ideal.

Ben Kuchera only talks to people he agrees with; this is called Groupthink. It's generally considered to be bad. But they the thought of Ben running around - like a four-year-old - with this fingers in his ears yelling, "I can't hear you," makes me smile.

There is a difference between harassment and having your followers rebute your statements. Of course, harassment is an ambiguous term, which is why it's thrown around all the time. He's harassing me and he disagrees with me are one in the same now. So it's damn hard to tell when someone really is being harassed.

Not that anyone cares what I think.

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I like it when Jeff reacts more than guides (not that he's bad). So I guess, yes?