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This retailer will probably black list you from ever working there again; but if your taking classes and work is being unreasonable about your time to study, then you have to choose a priority for your life.

Also, you'll be fucking over your co-workers pretty badly. If the know you're quitting they can change the schedule; however, if you just disappear you're putting a lot of "the suck" on your co-workers (less hands = more work).

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@asurastrike: Have you met Sera yet? I love that character and she is probably my favorite of the series. Butts Butts Butts!

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I wonder if Nina Leven has ever seen male characters in video games. Almost everyone gets the ideal character; from the look to the personality. What guy doesn't want to be Nathan Drake? It's called escapism. we (men and women) don't want real life; we want the ideal.

Ben Kuchera only talks to people he agrees with; this is called Groupthink. It's generally considered to be bad. But they the thought of Ben running around - like a four-year-old - with this fingers in his ears yelling, "I can't hear you," makes me smile.

There is a difference between harassment and having your followers rebute your statements. Of course, harassment is an ambiguous term, which is why it's thrown around all the time. He's harassing me and he disagrees with me are one in the same now. So it's damn hard to tell when someone really is being harassed.

Not that anyone cares what I think.

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I like it when Jeff reacts more than guides (not that he's bad). So I guess, yes?

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I am cautiously optimistic. I really want good things, but men, Season 2 of the Walking Dead made me doubt their abilities. Hopefully it's excellent.

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@grantheaslip: I agree with you. People are handling it in a very ethnocentric manner. I have no idea why Patrick hasn't had on any of the female devs that are pro-gamergate to discuss their concerns with the media. Corporate media is a huge problem and it's at the heart of the issue I have with the gaming media. The gaming media is only telling one side of the story. It's like the ISIS; we all know the ISIS are awful Wahhabi extremists but the news never covers the crimes of the Shia militia and Iraqi Army. It's all corporate media propaganda. It's what the Leveson Inquiry was all about. The more I read the more I don't trust anyone.

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Unless you really want a trophy or something, there is always YouTube

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@bez__o: They are my favorite thing the crew does by far. It's the best way to end/begin the year.

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I miss Vinny. I'll take him however I can get him. I really hope he is on at least the final podcast.

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I'm digging the multiplayer a lot. I may keep with it. I find that there is still a ton of camping, but now I have more solutions to deal with it.

The being able to modify the supply drops was brilliant.