about kane and lynch 2

do you guys know if IO interactive released a patch to fix the freezing problems stated in the review written by Giantbomb on the release date? for xbox 360 of course


Red Dead Redemption

hello guys, im getting rdr very soon, probably friday, and from i see and heard it appears an awesome game, what can you tell me about it? another thing, i want partners to roll out in the west, anyone can join me on friday to take a ride on the Wild West.


Nba Street Homecourt 360

hey guys i have a question? i was checking the achievement list on the game page of Gbomb, and someone typed that the EA Servers of the game were closing this month, so if that is true, so those achievements that involved online playing, i believe that is two if i dont remember well, i wont be able to do it. please let me know.


Bioshock 2 or Mass Effect 2?

i want your opinion guys ( im buying both so this is not for chose one) i played the first one of both and now i will buy the 2cond, how about it? i really liked both games they are best of the best on the console, ME it looks like a movie, with a lot of dialog and cut scenes and Bioshock was all about action, with all those big daddys. nasty :)


modern warfare 2 on veteran

it was really a great ride, i had a little bumps here and there but finally make it last night, it was an great experience and waiting for another Infinity Ward Gem, there was a couple of situations (because the levels in majority were easy, only a few momentum's that made me jump of my seat.