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It's a fantastic video game. I picked it up back in 2010, but it became one of my all-time favorites.

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Associating your food with a hairy, throbbing phallus seems like a bad idea.

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His timetable may be off, but he did predict a strong general trend toward non-traditional singleplayer.

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John V. V.P. of P.

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I'm all about this Morrowind love. Borrowing a phrase from Dan Ryckert, it's probably my favorite game of all time. That video was a well-articulated version of what I've been struggling to say for a long time.

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Here's a link from four years ago--back when the service was just announced in the Whiskey days. Monthly subscriptions always had ads.

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Oculus horror: "No, and no thanks."

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Great blog, Rorie. Thanks for it!

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Jesus Christ.

I think you lose the right to say "no shit" to your detractors after you totally just did the thing that's so obviously fucked up and stupid.

It wasn't a "no shit" proposition to you a few hours ago, was it?

The dude needs serious anger management help. Or maybe he was drunk off his ass. In either case, learn from his mistakes, everyone.