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Skrillex hair and its derivative forms are going to be our mullets.

If you have this hairstyle right now, cease as soon as possible.

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I am Brad's inflamed sense of mac and cheese.

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I wish they just did Dragon's Dogma 2. Longer gameplay videos don't seem nearly as fun or interesting.

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9:30pm what time zone?

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She got a Dawnk.

I could never beat (or get very far in) Digimon World when I was a kid. Every couple of years I go back to it to see if I can make any progress, and I always give up. Here's to trying again the next time I get several free days.

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Make it about aliens. I'm talking about a sci-fi re-imagining. Instead of _____ and Sicilians, make it about Vrogdorfs and Slognarfs. Everyone will get a kick out of it.

Unless they don't.

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Holding grudges isn't going to help anyone.

Some people said some regrettable stuff in the context of a really messed up night. Hopefully everyone involved has moved on.

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I hate to say it, but Borderlands 2 kind of soured me on the series. I loved the first game, and I'm one of the few people who even enjoyed playing it single player. There was something about the atmosphere and the way the guns felt that I got really attached to. There was no real story, but I was fine with that.

Then Borderlands 2 came along. They took out almost any incentive for gun specialization, they turned revolvers from powerful and effective hand-cannons into a rather weak pistol pseudo-subclass that is only manufactured by Jakobs and "shoots as fast as you pull the trigger," they turned Torgue guns into almost unusable weapons with the slowest projectiles imaginable, they made gun shops completely worthless, and it seems like they tweaked the loot and stat algorithms so that rare guns are hardly ever as powerful as they should be. My problems with that game sound nitpicky, but I feel like they get to the root of why I didn't enjoy the second game as much. And although I'm embarrassed to admit it, I also miss the head explosions from Borderlands. Headshots feel like they have less impact in the second game because of it.

I would love to be excited for the Pre-Sequel, but I just don't feel it.

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This is gaming news.

Also, typo police:

"both phone's are"

Take out that apostrophe.

Much love.

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Folks behind the video streaming service that was used to make the recording confirmed that it was recorded at the same time as the shooting.