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Looks good. If it's backwards compatible with RB, I might actually pick one up. I've always used GH guitars (with RB drums).

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Forget about Fez II for a moment. Does this mean that the patches for Fez 1 (PC and Xbox 360) are cancelled as well? I mean, Fish didn't just announce the cancellation of Fez, he also said that he's leaving the games industry.

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Ryan, your life meant something to me. I never knew you personally but I truly enjoyed the Bombcast and the all the things you've done for Giantbomb. The Bombcast wasn't just a podcast to me. Hearing you guys discuss video games and other things actually made my day brighter. The fact that I live in Europe and I have actually stayed awake for a big majority of Bombcast releases should tell you how much I loved it.

I want to thank you for the joy you brought and you will be missed.

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When I was a kid (about 20 years ago), I could beat Ninja Gaiden (NES) pretty much without taking any damage except during the boss stages (or if it was advantageous). That's probably the only game I can say that I've "mastered" but I don't possess that skill anymore.

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If this is your first time running SLI you should know that the SLI bridge can cause graphic glitches. It's an easy fix however, all you have to do is adjust it. You can even do it while your PC is running.

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Nope, shouldn't be any problems. If there are any problems then they are related to these specific cards.

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Well, I'm interested in whatever they do next. I really liked STALKER.

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@ArcticPlumber: I'm not too worried about it. Not that I believe that it could never happen to me. The difference is, she used PayPal and I use my credit card directly. As Patrick mentioned, credit cards have greater protection. Should anything happen I can just contact my bank or the credit card company and let them sort it out. At least where I live, they are pretty good. Though it can take a while until I get my money back.

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@Hailinel: It's most likely just someone that entered your email when they created an account. There are people spamming new accounts for various reasons and you don't need the confirmation email to activate your LoL account so you can just enter any unregistered email as your email address.

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This won't do. I refuse to accept this list. Any list without Jeff "Jeff" Gerstmann will just not do.