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Loved Heavy Rain. I think it sucks the extent that people will completely remove all sense of context to the game's release; I hear people say "Yeah Heavy Rain sucked... LA Noire and The Walking Dead Game did it way better" and it's like of course they did, they came out several years later when that style of game was becoming more popular. If you can appreciate a game that's deeply flawed but tries something new, Heavy Rain is a great experience. If you have the expectation that a studio is going to go out on a limb with an unsupported genre and get it completely right, not so much.

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2014 is as forgettable as it gets for me. I can't think of a single more disappointing year since... ever.

Pretty much the exact same thing is said at pretty much the exact same time every year. There's been a number of great games already released this year and there are still quite a few heavy hitters to come. It's also pretty rare to get even two phenomenal games in a year.

Last year was awesome, though. At this point in the year, we already had GTA 5, Saints Row 4, Bioshock Infinite, Rayman Legends, DmC, Tomb Raider, Ni No Kuni... Come to think of it, almost all my GOTY list was comprised of games that came out before august.

This year has been characterized by most important releases being pushed to next year and indie games coming to fill up the gap. It is kind of sad to consider that, other than Wolfestein and South Park, there are barely any heavy hitter that I would consider for my top 10 (having to consider South Park a "heavy hitter" just to include it here is rather sad in its own terms)

I have to agree; I know "This is the worst year in a long time for games" is doled out every year, but I haven't been this unenthusiastic about current releases in a good while. It seems like every time I get excited about an upcoming game, an announcement comes saying that it's been pushed back to 2015; it's been such an awkward between-year, I have no idea what GOTY is going to look like.

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The Banner Saga. Loved that game to pieces and was kind of surprised by the lukewarm response it got from a lot of places; it has the strategy gameplay I really enjoy in XCOM done in its own unique way, with a choice system that felt way more meaningful than it does in most games with that mechanic-- in The Walking Dead, being stupid might get you a chiding from another character that doesn't actually go anywhere. If you're stupid in The Banner Saga, people can starve to death!

Close second is Kentucky Route Zero: Act 3. If they maintain the quality of writing that they've had so far in future episodes, in might go down as one of the most well-done pieces of storytelling in games. Other than that, it's been a lot of good-but-disappointing experiences this year; Dark Souls 2, Transistor, The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead Season 2 all sort of let me down in a few ways, though I did ultimately have good times with them.

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one notable game

I think that may be a bit of an understatement.

No, it's an objective fact. Yes, Minecraft was a cultural phenomenon, but it's still a game like any other. Plenty of games are just as successful as Minecraft, the only reason it stands out is because those other games almost almost always AAA titles. And while I pat Notch on the back for striking gold and adapting Infiniminer into something so successful, i'm just sick of hearing so much discussion about the guy on gaming sites when he's had almost no direct involvement with the game industry for years.

Based on the way he's spoken in the press release, I think he'd agree with me that he doesn't need to constantly be pushed into this spotlight.

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Hopefully we can stop talking about Notch now. Like, I don't have anything against the guy, but he's connected to one notable game, which he hasn't even been actively working on in years (since he gave project lead status to another guy in the studio). I just want to see Mojang actually make god damn video-games instead of adding more ponies and bananas to Minecraft.

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Absolutely not.

The freedom of being able to subvert experience and explore "bad" design does nothing but aid a medium's growth.

I also disagree that all games should be engaging. The human experience covers a wide range of things and, just like literature and art, games should have the opportunity to explore inanity, boredom and lethargy.

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Seriously, plants can't fight anything, and zombies aren't real. Step up your shit already.

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@pierre42: Jane explicitly says that, while she did want to show Clem the reality that Kenny was a ticking time bomb, she didn't expect him to try to FUCKING MURDER HER. As far as i'm concerned, Kenny validated every concern Jane had about his mental state; faced with the possibility that someone had made the mistake of losing a baby in a zombie-infested blizzard, Kenny was willing to brutally kill Jane. I loved Kenny, but he'd gone well off the reservation.

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And in a similar vein;

Oh, that wacky America! They're so crazy!

I tend to find making really broad generalizations about this kind of thing is a fruitless task, because there's so much cross-pollination and exception to the point where stuff like "Japan is weird and colourful! The West is dreary and realistic!" doesn't hold a lot of weight.

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Cowboy Bebop and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Cowboy Bebop is nice and easy to watch for someone not into anime; it's just a fun space adventure with some cool fight scenes. JoJo is wrestling-as-fuck.

Dan would not like Kill La Kill; I like anime generally and even *i'm* kind of embarassed watching Kill La Kill. Think of something that either isn't super-anime, or is anime in a way that is so outlandish that it just makes you go "FUCK YEAH". And no blatant sexualisation because that's like the number one thing that makes people discard anime. Get that trifecta right and it's all good.