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@Skytylz said:

I'd wait until the summer sale, it will most likely be on there.

Thats what I was thinking about doing. But I just want to play it so bad but my friend won't let me play his character. Whatever. I guess I'll just have to play the waiting game D:

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Is that weird? I watched my friend play it for awhile and I just wanted to run home and buy Arma right away.

I am sure I can enjoy Arma as it is, but this mod seems cool. I almost wish they would just make this a real game. I've always said they should make an ultra realistic zombie game.

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Just beat Episode 1 for the PS3. Anybody know when the next episode will be releasing? I better not have to wait like 5 months or something for every episode...

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@LordXavierBritish said:


Dude that looks sweet. Thats all I want to see now.

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@CH3BURASHKA: The story of this one actually seems really interesting.

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@bybeach: I do play it plugged in. I already learned this trick. lol. Thanks though :D

And I edited my previous post to say if I lower the screen resolution I can get it to almost run on high if I turn down some of the other un-important settings.

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@Korwin said:

The 540M isn't even remotely capable of running The Witcher 2 smoothly on Ultra (unless you were running it at 800x600 or something, might struggle even then). Turn you stuff down to low and you should be ok... maybe.

Some peopel were saying they got it on high. Whatever. I had to lower the the screen resolution and now I can run it on low with now lag >_<


Thanks guys. Sorry kind of a pc newbie.

EDIT: With the resloution turned down I can actually run it almost high graphics... Sweet :D to use teeny weeny eye vision.

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@MB said:

Do you have super sampling turned on?

It says Ubersampling on the advanced options but yeah I turned that off. Still running laggy :/

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I've got an alienware m11x r3 with a GeForce GT 540m graphics card. I looked up the specs and I should be able to run this game on ultra pretty smoothly, But I can't even run it on medium specs with out it being super unresponsive. Like I'll hit forward and he doesn't even move for about a half a second. And While that doesn't seem like alot, it really gets in the way. Even on low settings it still is a bit laggy.

Anyone know why this is? Is there a patch or something I need to download? I just tried to play Skyrim and Total War and it just ran fine so I know its not my computer.. I don't think it is anyway.


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@ImmortalSaiyan: Starting to notice a trend with the main character being the least interesting...