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@psylah: dat spell shield, is all i gotta say >.<

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This is one of my all time favorite Mid champions Morgana, hope you LoL fans like <3

P.S. for more LoL fan art follow me on my DeviantArt page. Link is listed below :)

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@Demoskinos: Def think about that one :)

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im thinking of doing another one of these drawings, i just dont know what female characters to draw :( any suggestions?

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Do one with Cass and Urgot!!!!

Lol great suggestion >.<

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So you want us to fap to this or what?

Lol i wouldnt be offended if you did >.<

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@ck1nd said:

@LadyAensland: Can't say that you didn't draw something nice, but I can say that I'm not a fan of over-exaggerated female parts for the sake of it. I guess my sexuality is satisfied enough that I'd prefer them in combat poses actually portraying their traits from the game rather than posing for what is obviously sexualized material.

I respect that :) Honestly, im a lesbian and most of my drawings are like this. What can i say? I cant help it >.<

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Thanks everyone, im glad you liked my drawing. Some more than others >.< Im a female btw, i truly admire the female figure. I like to exaggerate curves and (my favorite) features of females and im really happy with what i drew. So if this offends you Mscupcakes, no one is forcing you to comment or try to tell another artist how to do their work cause im not changing my ways to please narrow-minded people who dont open up to other people's artwork <3 p.s. my picture is meant to be the way it is :)

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Just finished this bad boy. Im pretty sure you LoL fans would appreciate this drawing of Riven and Akali. In case you dont know who these two women are, they are characters from League of Legends in their battle bunny skin and Nurse skin. Feel free to google them ^.^
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- Bioshock Infinite

- Devil May Cry 5

- Diablo 3

- Borderlands 2

- Final Fantasy xiii-2

- Darkness 2

- Monster Hunter Frontier ( if it comes out for america -_-)