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True dat. Good for party games, not for competitive multiplayer.

Meh, there are enough competative game modes in Halo 4 that I'm fine with having Regicide for quick pick up and play games when I'm playing alone. It's not for everyone though, if you are a die hard competitive person you probably should stay away.

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The thing about Regicide is that as a whole it's built as what is known in game design as a negative feedback loop. Negative feedback loops are used to "even out" a game by designing systems that make it harder to extend the gap to other players when you are in the lead and easier to catch up when you are farther away (One example of this that I usually give is the Mario Kart series, where the closer you are to the back of the field the more likely you are to get one of those really good items like the Lightning or the Blue Shell). There isn't any real advantages to being the king because that would defeat the purpose of the feedback loop (and perhaps even create a positive feedback loop, where gaining the lead would make you more likely to do better and extending the gap to other players).