Are videogames our only hope for decent star wars?

So i just recently watched the decimation of Star wars: attack of the clones from redlettermedia ( here if you haven't seen it, hour long but worth it, also theres a phantom menace one thats just as good) as well as hear about the news that George Lucas and seth green will be making a weekly star wars comedy show soon enough and i couldn't help but wonder will we ever see a decent star wars movie or show ever again, or will we have to rely on video games for another decent peek into the unforgettable universe?
I say this cause the only time ive even come close to the same excitement and pleasure i had from the original 3 was from star wars video games. 
Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2
Rogue Squadron series
Star wars the force unleashed
Tie fighter
Super star wars series
Lego star wars
Jedi knight series
I could still go on but all of these games were Far better than all of the prequels combined.
These games only engrossed me in the star wars universe even more, with heartracing fighter battles to listening to an AMAZING voice actress recite the wise words of the jedi code(kotor2) ive never felt so in tune with the star wars universe. And now with projects like The old republic coming up i get to see the gaming industry is taking the star wars universe to the next level with story telling, gameplay and voiceacting. Then we go to George lucas again and hes just looking for the next project to make a toy line out of. Its kinda invigorating and disappointing at the same time, Lucas created this world, why do only the fans seem to comprehend whats good and whats crap. 
So i guess this blog(which really is an excuse to get the quest point) is just to ask the question, do you think we will ever enjoy something star wars related that isnt a video game? or at the very least is made by george lucas?
P.S. i just remembered Genndy Tartakovsky's animated series that was probably my favorite thing thats ever not been done by lucas, for 5 minute episodes holy shit they were good. 


That mmorpg itch

I got a fever.......and the only cure is more repetitive mindless online monster slaughtering!  Im getting that itch to get back into the mmorpg lifestyle and widdle away countless hours in front of my computer screen drooling while my elf bonks things in the head. Its weird but im going through emotions ive never felt before from any video game or really any piece of entertainment. 
Little back story, i played the ever famous addiction known as World of Warcraft for around 4 years; i started a little after initial release and quit when lich king came out.  I actually couldn't just quit and stop playing either, i had to use the trick of just not buying the expansion pack so the game pretty much forced me out since i would be spending all my hours sitting in ironforge twiddling my thumbs with nothing to do. I never took things uber serious but ive led a few raids, been a few decently hardcore guilds and have spent god knows how many hours on that dumb game.  My name on this site is Laharl not because of Disgaea but because that was my name for 4 years(or flonne if i was priesting it up,) honestly during that time i would of responded to "hey Lah!" quicker than my real name. 

Now what most people ask when they hear that is "do you regret it?" and no i don't, i made a lot of friends and still learned a few life lessons from the game and it was an experience ill never forget but WoW was easily my first venture into the life of addiction. Pretty much from before wow till when i quit i truly never believed games could ever be addictive, you can quit whenever you want i thought, its only wasting a couple of hours whats the harm. For most games i still believe that but now i see for mmos that just aint true.
 What im saying is im tweeking man, i needs my mmo fix, i thought i got sick of wow cause i was losing interest in mmos, but i see now it was just cause wow started to suck ass and i still got the itch. I started out ok when i first quit wow, didn't feel any real urge to hop back on, at worst i just wanted to know what my friends were doing(which by the way ive lost complete touch with all of them, any former wow player will tell you the same i bet.) Eventually though i started to get the urge again and i stooped the lowest ive ever gotten.....i downloaded maple story. It hurts even admitting it. Luckily after a few characters getting to level 25 and me seeing that leveling up to level 200 would be bat shit crazy i quickly quit. But i was onto the next game, trying out Aeria games like twelve sky and last chaos, which by the way all Aeria games are identical and crap, don't bother with them.
 I had hoped that quitting shitty korean grindfests would turn me off from mmos but i got turned on to Dungeon fighter online; from the makers of maple story yes but it was actually pretty decent, a cool nod to old school arcade sidescrolling beat em ups. Not a bad game at all but it was very hard to group with decent people and has probably one of the worse chat boxes ive ever seen and really half the reason one gets so damn addicted to these games in the first place is grouping with people. Its still on my computer but i hardly play it, but i still sunk a few hours into it and even won a dumb little figurine from a contest playing it.
Now the real kicker in all this blabbering is that every time i try to quit they keep pulling me back in. I wanna play star wars the old republic, real really really bad. It looks amazing, its focus is on great storyline and making you actually give a shit about your character, every aspect about it wont be about just showing off your new gear and getting bigger e-peen.

 Let me in the beta bioware, i suck yo dick.
Not too mention im a giant star wars nerd and being able to engross myself into a gigantic star wars universe just sounds awesome. I remember getting chills down my spine whenever kreia would talk in kotor 2 and to think that an entire mmo will be that sounds soooo good.
 In fact it looks so good im getting scared to play it, something ive never felt before, truly horrified to play a good game. Will i spend another 4 years making this game the center of my life, to be that cliche of the sad nerd who ignores everything for killing jedi? Do i dare plunge down the path of grouped solitude and wishful feelings that i was doing something better with my life. Id like to think ive got the experience now to not let things get bad again, to slow things down and have some control. But then again every addict has said that once or twice in their lifetime.
So with all this giant wall of text i guess my point is this. MODERATION, MODERATION, MODERATION!
Also this is the first time ive ever wrote any sort of blog like thing and i guess i was just bored and felt like getting it off my chest, so grammar and writing critics be nice to me. I could write about this all day but i didn't want to write a book so i shortened it quite a bit. Oh and kudos to giantbomb, its really easy to make a good blog with the pictures and what not. /clap as ive typed oh too many times before, well not as much as /dance but still.