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Anyone know when the sale ends?

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I've got a CJR/WHM on Lich named Laini Weiz.

Heh, popular topic and three EU players on three separate servers.

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I didn't see Sony's conference so not sure what their exclusives are but there's a few Xbox One games I'm interested in. However with everything else the PS4 won't do, like not needed to go online, and being $100 cheaper I don't think there's any question which console I'll be getting first.

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It's probably World of Warcraft. Heck I'd be surprised if it wasn't.

Morrowind probably comes second.

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As someone who hadn't really followed the development I wasn't quite sure why it was reviewing so badly. Don't get me wrong, it's not a good game. Average perhaps but certainly not as terrible as everyone seems to think.

But when you look at those supposed gameplay demos I can see why people have turned on. That game looked great. The one I'm playing doesn't :/

I'm not gonna say I'll be boycotting Gearbox but I'll certainly be doing a lot more research on anything I purchase by (LOL like A:CM was MADE by Gearbox) them in the future.

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I hope to get a PS4 and Xbox 1080 Nosegrab but it'll be the Xbox first for me.

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I've still got about a third, maybe a quarter of the main quest to do. I keep meaning to get back to it but then I find a cave or a side quest, or some DLC comes out or I get a new PC and play it on there instead of the 360 or this new mod adds something and so on :D

One day I will. Probably.

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Ah, so it's not just me then :/

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I thought it was okay, was expecting more of a wrap up at the end though.

I didn't do too well on that mission, I ended up with my Volunteer mind controlled and only two Heavies left, who each had about a 20% chance to hit the Etherals. I think I only managed it in the end cos I was playing on Easy.

I tried Normal at first but those Terror missions f'ed me up >_<

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Steam ID: LainiWeiz