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Hey guys,

Was just wondering if any of the other Canadian users here shared the same thoughts as me on this point in the game. The battle of Vimy Ridge is a very significant moment in Canadian history, and it is portrayed beautifully by the game, with the hoisting of the Red Ensign (the flag Canada used before 1965 for those non-Canadian users) and the smoke behind them turning into the shape of Canada's Vimy Memorial. But I can't but feel, maybe offended isn't the word, but disappointed, that while you're experiencing this most Canadian of moments, you're playing as an American. It's clear that Ubisoft Montpellier knows their history, and having Canada's often overlooked involvement in WWI being portrayed in any form of media makes me proud. But it's a shame that I end up having this disappointed feeling.

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same thing here!

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I have bought and finished every Splinter Cell (on its release) and I LOVE every single one of them, Conviction included. But for me the experience is more about story and character than gameplay. I must admit though, the loss of Ironside is seriously making me dislike the look of Blacklist. and is it just me? or does Sam look younger in Blacklist than he did in Conviction

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So I'm a little confused by this, when I go to the in game tailor am I accessing the Cryptic store? I have plenty of energy credits but it says I NEED to have Cryptic points. Am I unable to buy uniforms without Cryptic points? and did I miss hear on the Bombcast that Jeff said there is a way to earn Cryptic points in game?

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ive always loved everything by jeremy soule but this is one of my favs 

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yeah, you can pretty much get most of them (except for the newest one, harry potter) for like 20 bucks each on steam. i cant tell if they have online co-op though.

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i play the lego games (star wars, indy, ect) with my gf all the time, its good fun

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sorry i see you already said lfd, if you can find it and patch it i always loved system shock 2's coop, its a little broken, but still fun

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left for dead 1 and 2

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yeah man, every one needs friends. have you never really had even one friend? we're you home schooled maybe? it can seem hard to find friends when you dont have an easy outlet to find them (such as school or work) but maybe you should look around see if there's any clubs in your neighbourhood you can join. maybe even see if there is some giant bombers who know of clubs in your area or even live in your neighbourhood. you're definatly missing out. nothing is quite the same as having friends.