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Absolutely agree with the thread starter, content is so sparse and similar since the passing of ryan. Everything is just so lazy and so "jeff", cynical,jaded,tired. Every video is a variation of "sit down act goofy and jaded play games with barely any preparation" . Props to vinnie having to counter the extreme negativity in most ql with jeff in them. Non premium subs? Dont worry, you are not missing out on anything. Lazy,boring,slapshod. All the energy,creativity and fun is gone.
As much as i dont enjoy patricks content, at least it is well researched and written. I have been here since day one, right now, i would rather watch gaming channels on youtube. No extreme negativity at the start of every video. Shows produced by a single person, sometimes on a daily basis.With production values on par with gb,where not every game is a joke to be made fun of, and is rated on its own merits.

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Giantbomb's "shows" since ryan's passing (rip) = Sit on couch, be goofy and grouchy (jeff) ,live stream games which they usually don't prepare for.Dwindling duders lap it all up and defend them like whiteknights. Youtubers and twitchstreamers put in more effort in their videos,and don't treat games they might not like or understand as jokes, treat them in complete disdain and subject to incessant ridicule. The op is absolutely spot on. To me,creative and well produced content,sprinkled with the energy that gb had was what sat it apart from other catchall sites.That energy is no longer there, replaced with whatever it is that jeff brought. I believe many of us who have been here from the start, and who don't post often, could see the slide in quality, and hope that there could be changes. Not just for the premium items, for all users of the site.

My pre-emptive answer is Yes i can.

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The reason sales are such a big thing now is the industry has reached the point where ease of access made content so ubiquitous that sales are necessary to stand out in the crowd. You're not going to fight that by saying you'll never have a sale, you're going to end up selling a fraction of what you could have sold instead.

The next step isn't raising the price of games and doing away with sales for a new golden age of game appreciation, the next step is Netflix. The next step is a subscription-based service. (Sorry Gametap, you were ahead of your time.) We'll see what happens with Playstation Now.

The most intelligent post in this click bait article.

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Check for mama spider and her offspring.

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As someone who bought 4 copies of the game on launch day to share with friends, please don't waste your money buying this game.

Play something good, like torchlight, or path of exile.

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Glad that a Singapore player won, with Gen no less. Was there a soul calibre stream?