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I like to think people in the know can all agree that New Vegas *BLEW* Fallout 3 out of the fucking water...

-Damage Threshold was a way superior damage model to Damage Resistance.

-Emphasis on faction standing rather than "karma."

-Hardcore mode (If it doesn't make a return in some form in Fallout 4 if Bethesda makes it, then I would be wont to say that RPGCodex has a point. And believe me, that would be a terrifying thing to say).

-Superior and sensible crafting (It's Hand-loaded .45-70 SWC or bust for my Ranger Sequoia).

Seriously, I could never go back to Fallout 3 after playing New Vegas.

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Much as I love Dan, the rest of the crew should reap their vengeance against him by:

1.) Choosing Waluigi before he can get to him.

2.) Teaming up on him in free for all games.

3.) Deliberately screwing him over in team games.

Joe Juba of Gameinformer knew how to troll him:

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Either Brad or Jeff should get to Waluigi first at character select to have their vengeance on Dan.

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Looking to get the Moonlight Greatsword for my NG playthrough on the PC, and sort of don't want to use an ascetic to make one portion of the game permanently harder than the rest for subsequent playthroughs. I have the Roaring Halberd, Demon Greathammer, Dragonrider Bow, and Smelter Demon Sword if that helps. I'm around 1.1 mil SM.

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I laid one that simply said "behind" a few yards past a sleeping enemy, so that hopefully when the reader reads it, he turns around just in time to block a sword from lodging itself into his back.

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Curious if Jeff will be apoplectic if Dark Souls manages to edge out Mass Effect 2, given his feelings on the "---- Souls" series.

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It's something I can't really put my finger on. Is it because every time he manages to come up with a new skill or event in his life that blows us away (learning to fly a fighter jet, going to North Korea)? Or is he just a plain 'ol affable guy?

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If Jeff is referring to Sim City, one wonders if his frustration is due to it being bugged out the ass. I don't know about you, but most games of that form don't seem to be that rage-inducing to me even when they are crap.

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Don't forget the world is 70% covered in water, a lot of ground to cover and a lot of it too deep for even modern submersibles to find. Good odds that if it was destroyed it fell into the oceanic zone with much of the debris sinking to the bottom. However, that does leave the question about the many blimps and balloons that kept Columbia airborne, of which quite a few would have a good chance of keeping afloat and be carried by the currents to someplace inhabitable.

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I do hope they consider doing "The Void/Tension/Turgor" at some point. It's Russian. It's weird. And could only find an appreciative audience on the PC. It's totally a "Dave" game. And the game is made by the same demented minds behind "Cargo! The Quest for Gravity!" (even if tonally they're on the two most extreme ends of the spectrum).

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