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Why should I listen to this ugly fat-fuck?

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Once again Ubisoft disappointments. I have no idea how they managed to put on a worse of a show than Microsoft. Fucking incredible. Newsflash for Microsoft, Sony, and Ubisoft: soccer moms don't watch E3 you dumbfucks.  
As much as I hate EA, they at least knew the audience that is paying attention to E3. Good on them. For once they do something right. I still won't buy their games if they have the stupid project $10, and I won't buy your stupid Call of Duty clone, and Bad Company expansion pack. 
Dead Space 2, and Bulletstorm are the only things I'm interested in.

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If Sony does the same bullshit with Move, then this will officially be the worst E3 of all time.
Seriously, can we get some original exclusive titles, and stop with this stupid motion control gimmick? Microsoft and Sony, you guys are 5 years late to the party. Focus on the people who have been keeping your companies afloat: the hardcore gamer. 
Looks like I'll go back to PC gaming. Really had enough of these stupid Killzone--I want to be taken seriously -- 3, and Halo: Reach that this game hasn't changed much in years.

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If the emphasis on the slim is low noise and head reduction than it is a success.

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lol Ubisoft whoring out franchises now.

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I'll buy this game unless it has the stupid project 10 dollar.

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Meh. I'll just wait for their GOTY edition with all the content that should have been in the game day one.

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I only know him from when he went to 3d realms to look at Duke Nukem: Forever.

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Well, Ubisoft is whoring out the franchise.

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Well... Mario sucks, so I guess it is even.