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Every game is generic.

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I wonder how many christian homophobes on this website will give up gaming because of that video...

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The guy who created this thread is a genius. Really, I never thought I would say that.
And its funny seeing all these people with shitty anime pictures. Yeah, you are totally not a stupid otaku/japanophile. Go watch your tentacle porn with underage girls.
As the great Jeff Gerstmann said, " Anime is for jerks."

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I don't know why I would want to read other people's stupid opinion on their blog. it is already hard enough going through the idiots on the forum.

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I don't know what the Giantbomb crew expected when they made the quest system. It is obvious you are dealing with the most immature community on the internet. This was bound to happen.

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Wow, you have the tastes of a 12 year old who likes shitty games. Lost Planet? Alpha Protocol? LOL!!!

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Have fun with your plastic instruments, kids!

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Game of the Year confirmed if he is doing a voice in GOW3.

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Person above me is a douche.
Person below me is a douche.

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That looked... awful. Yeah, it looked "insane." But that doesn't mean it is actually going to be good.
-Generic characters
-Generic setting
Game will fail in the sales charts, and reviews.