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Dave is in the right.
Everyone else is in the wrong.

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More proof that the Giantbomb community is made up of 12 year old douchebags.

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Still waiting for the tentacle monster boss fight.

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If you are a fanboy: You waste your time arguing about exclusives
If you are a gamer: You don't give a fuck

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Nothing special. It is pretty much a dumb-down version of System Shock 2.
Of course, 12 year old kids who never actually played some of the classics back in the day claim it is the greatest game ever.

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Well, the characteristics that were described in that article most likely represent 101% of the Giantbomb community.
But that article is pretty shitty. He basically made arguments for shooters, yet, did not mention Half-Life, System Shock, even Bioshock which were all fantastic story-wise. He mentioned one MMO.  He didn't even mention the many, many other genres of games either. 
Unless you live in some small town, being a gamer is "cooler" than ever. I have people constantly ask me about games because they are becoming more accepted. As much as I, and others, don't like to admit, the Wii is a large part of that.

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The new additions are welcome to this shitty community.

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Meh. Killzone 3 was just announced.
And who the fuck is Brad Nicholson?
Halo is overrated trash. Why do you think Bungie split off from Microsoft?

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No one said George Lucas yet? What the fuck.
He is the very definition of sell-out.

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Red Dead Redemption is better.