You can't please anyone any percent of the time.

So, I've been at odds with the internet this past week. We've been like detached lovers, ambivalent towards what the other has to say, but knowing that we need each other because the sex is great.

Scratch that. Restart.

I'm really looking forward to Resident Evil 5. I know it's not what RE used to be, and it's not what some believe RE should become...but I don't think I understand the hate. The two main complaints seem to be:

1. It's not a true survival horror game.

 I can see where this is coming from. I was in fact one of the people that liked RE when it was all about conserving ammo and watching door-opening animations. Should these complaints not have been sorted out when RE4 came out? I thought they were.

2. You STILL can't run and shoot.

I also understand this one...but I don't really care. I think that as well as (many have stated this) adding to the tension, it creates a niche in the video game market not already filled by Gears-type shooters. Although I do fucking loves me some Gears.

Now, there are some things this game presents that makes me apprehensive, but as I won't be playing it until tomorrow, I can't say whether they will be real problems or not. I am a bit concerned that Sheva will hinder boss battles and horde resources. I also am not a fan of this.

I can only surmise that it is impossible to please everyone, and I will still enjoy Resident Evil 5.




I am in need of an HDTV mainly for the purpose of gaming as I need something for my 360 and don't like constantly swithing out cables on my lcd monitor. Looking for something around 22 inches. Mainly I just wanted to know some brands that people have luck with and maybe some to stay away from. Thanks Bombers.


R.I.P. Cheat Codes

I remember when I was a young lad playing my N64 I would often times look up cheats to further my enjoyment of certain video games. But now, seeing as games have increasingly varied difficulty levels and Achievements can not be..well, achieved with cheat codes, it seems they may be a dying breed.  The only game I can really remember using codes for recently is GTA IV. Well, this is a bittersweet moment indeed. R.I.P. Cheat Codes.


Lamegame621 has a list...and it goes like this!

So here is my Christmas list. It's really all stuff I'm going to be buying for myself probably:

Dead Space
Fable 2
Silent Hill: Homecoming ( I know, I know...but i must have it.)
Team Fortress 2

(also throwing in another motherboard, RAM, and video  card. Yayz for Christmas!!!)


Snow in Texas?

It snowed here in Texas last night, about 40 miles south of Houston. Last time it happened was in 2004.There was feet of snow then. This time there was a few inches. But before 2004 it hadn't happened for decades. Maybe it's just going to snow every December of the new millennium ( if it's an election year) ? That would be awesome. I know that a lot of people probably live in places where it snows a lot and might even be tired of it, but around here it's something special. :D


Hugs for Emo Kids!

Anyone who's spent more than 5 minutes at a mall has seen these sad depressing creatures...trying to fit in at the nearest Hot Topic, lingering with their skinny long-haired boyfriends/girlfriends (who can really tell at this point?) in front of movie theaters, cutting their wrists with ball point know the type. Some may dismiss this as a fad but...

This shit has to end.

...and yes that is a dude. So maybe some hugs would turn these little emotional assholes into nice life-loving happy people? Any ideas?



Anti-matter has a 100% mass to energy conversion rate. A nuke has a 1% mass to energy conversion rate.

My mind is blown.

Info from Discovery Channel show "The Universe: Deep Space Disasters"
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What's that you say? GOOD machinima?

If you are a fan of machinima ( you know...Red vs. Blue) then you should definitely go check out The Leet World by the guys over at Smooth Few Films. Season two should be debuting soon and in the mean time you can catch up on the first season as well as their other new project; Web Zeroes- basically the story of them on their quest to greatness in the machinima world ( there is a machinima world right?). These guys are Houston natives and avid gamers and show a great amount of potential.

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