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@spunkyhepanda: Thanks for the link. Mine was ending in January 2015. It was extended until January 2016(for 35$).

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sorry but i doubt you read my post. im talking about ALL original content. not just content behind paywall. see the difference below?

PC subscriber section on the left vs android app - all original content on the right

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i have just installed android giant bomb video buddy. it has option to hide trailers from latest section. its the best thing. i can understand trailers spam on homepage. but is there any way to filter all original content? there is trailer only section. why not original content only section? or give premium members ability to hide trailers from latest section.

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i have removed my HOSTS workaround and the service seems to be working again. didnt have any problems last 4-5 days. download speed are around 3-5MBs.

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@rorie: I was having the same problem. Im on perfect 150mbit connection. Playing dota2 on USe servers(being from Europe) without any problem for months(ping is around 100ms). Good services max my router WAN LAN download speed, which is around 12MBs.

But suddenly all giantbomb video became unwatchable. 2sec playback 10sec load time. Download speed was 15KBs. I tried the workaround from Szlifiers blog and it worked. download speed now is around 2-3MBs, and videos are watchable again.

On android mobile, i tried to modify HOSTS file in the same way. Ping to now points to new destination but i have same buffering problem in browsers. Im testing HD video via mx video player and it seems to be working without buffering.

It seems that there is problem between my ISP(Chello - pretty major Europe ISP) and your service provider :( Last time i have seen this problem, it was with Twitch. But it was well known that they did not have good connection to Europe and most people were having problems.

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@extomar said:

If all of this really happens I can see why if someone is some Russian player who just solo queues and loses in 7 minutes constantly or is not at all interested in that kind of game, you might flee that server for EU-W.

There are Russian and EU E servers. I dont mind russians(who cannot speak english) there, even in ENG only category. But playing on EUW in ENG only category, that is really dick move and valve should do something about it. Im sure its possible to restrict people having russian steam/dota2 version playing on this option. Im not english native speaker and i cannot imagine having localized steam and dota. Btw i dont have any problems with russians who can (at least barely) speak english and have english keyboard installed.

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i really hope that muted players will be unable to join ranked matches. and valve has to do something with russians who cannot speak english. when i (very rarely) play solo i choose EU W only, english only. in many cases i get russians who talk russian whole game...

playing ranking MM with those players will be even more pain now.

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@rorie: thanks for the good news.i have tested new gs player and i cant wait. im premium for few years and video player was my only problem last 1-2 years.

i have seen only one "bug" in new player but it was directly caused by my addon. if anyone is using Status-4-Evar addon in ffox uncheck option

* S4E Preferences -> Advanced -> Status -> Detect full-screen mode

otherwise you will see transfer status even when playing fullscreen video.