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It's a damn shame how under-marketed and poorly branded this game was. I hope that it still sells well, because I love it, and I think it deserves a lot more recognition than it's gotten.

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I want it. I love the civ games.

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This game is a bad idea. I'm all for a game in which all (most) of Tamriel is within my reach, but skill bars and collection quests? No. They shouldn't make this game. Few Elder Scrolls fans want it, few MMO players want it. Things I'll miss from TES games:

- Being able to see something on the ground and be able to pick it up.

- Traversing difficult terrain

- Being able to shoot a spell or arrow at something and have it hit or miss based on your ability

- Having a damn house

- Exploring the world and not being guided by the typical MMO Quest routes

- Having quests available anywhere you may choose to go.

- A realistic art style

- An overall graphical fidelity.

I'm all for a multiplayer, expansive TES game, but this isn't that. This looks like another rote MMO.

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I want to play everything but the Witch Doctor. I'll start with the Demon Hunter, I like how agile the class feels.

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I hate the new branding with JAMIE AND ADAM plastered over everything. I hate them welcoming me to their new website, I hate everything about the header, I hate the big fat text at the side that says JAMIE AND ADAM APPROVED. None of the old site's charm remains. I hate the new color scheme. I hate that Will and Norm are taking the back seat on the front page, even though they've done most of the work creating the content in the first place. I know that whoever's marketing the site knows that Jamie and Adam are the most marketable personalities, with the biggest fan base, and they're simply trying to draw in a larger crowd, but isn't there a less abrasive way of doing this? Do they really need to have JAMIE AND ADAM or the picture of their likenesses plastered on what feels like every inch of screen space? Can't they just have a picture of them (with Will and Norm) at the top, and their twitter feeds (along with Will and Norm's) on the side? I think that would be enough for anyone to get it. And it wouldn't infuriate everyone that knows the blood, sweat and tears that Will and Norm put behind the site over the years.

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GREG WHY DID YOU KILL THAT GOAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Greg Kasavin is a man that I respected more than any other in games journalism. Every time he said anything, I could understand his point of view, which is what I think all games journalists should strive for. It's not about being controversial, or getting the story first, it's about having opinions that people value and being able to articulate them well enough that anyone can at least see why you have the point of view that you do. He's the greatest games journalist I've ever listened to and followed, and I'll love to hear about his thoughts on Skyrim as he plays through it. Giant Bomb continues to put together features that I want to see. I love how diverse it all is. It's not all Quick Looks or news or reviews, they mix it up better than any other games site in my opinion.

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I don't know how people like that get work. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I left someone's place in a state of shambles. Maybe you should hire private contractors, it's better to pay for a job to be done well then to have it payed by somebody else and still done terribly.

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Are you doing something about this? I seriously hope that you are. Contact whoever you called to get the work done and sort this shit out, if they don't fix it for free, sue whoever is responsible or something. Simply complaining that they did a shitty job doesn't improve the shitty job they did in any way.

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I'd say the extremely centralized nature of South Korea has a lot to do with why they're so good at Starcraft. Seoul is one of the most population dense cities in the world, which means that everyone lives really close together. This allows teams of players to practice together at net cafes or even in pro gaming houses. In North America and to a lesser extent Europe, people are much more spread out, which means that they don't have as much contact with other Starcraft players, so they have to be self-motivated to practice, unlike in Korea where there's coaches and teammates to push you. Also, since they play more, and in close proximity to other players, they can get better much quicker as your teammates can see how you practice, what you practice, and how much you practice. They'll help you practice efficiently, eliminate your weaknesses and train harder than most non-Korean pro gamers.