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Oh dear... I understand the appeal of Home for some, even though it doesn't appeal to me personally, but this is just weird, how can someone spend real money on stuff like that is beyond good, evil and my imagination.

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What...? I don't even...  Really?

It'll probably sell a lot, with low production values and high license cost... Guess that's ok if it gets more people into video games, stuff like that grows the market, etc.  At least they are not milking money from clueless people cough*zynga*cough. But, that said, what's up with all this WTF games lately?

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Bob Kotick is for pussies...
Wait, this has nothing to do with Duke, does it?
In all seriousness, this is up there with the Depak Chopra game. A serious contender for WTF moment of the year.

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@Mr_Skeleton: Yeah, even though he was a prick and probably deserves the flak, losing so much due to a stupid rant on twitter is harsh.
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@Cuzza: I missed a day, then friday and saturday, no dice for me either... Guess it will remain incomplete for the whole eternity and beyond!
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Wow, this is the most WTF gaming moment of the year. Is this a very late april's fool joke?

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@MaxOpower:  I just finished the duder one, thanks to the hints. It was a poorly worded one, in my humble opinion. The answer is practically given five posts before yours, but I'll compile hints that helped me.

Can't let you do that duder #3
1. It is NOT a list. You do not need to click "List" in the menu at the left of the screen
2. It's something you have to click inside the "unfriendly smart computer" concept page
3. It is a list of sorts, but more important, it is a list of CHARACTERS
4. You have to look for it, and you shall be able to see all!
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Oh lord, that last VS franchise was brutal. I kept looking for games over and over, should have read more carefully. #2470

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