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Really great interview.

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Oh, the Electronic Entertainment Exposition Expo!

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I think this game expects you to be smarter than you are. This post pretty much perfectly summed up a lot of my problems with the game. The fact that (spoilers) the way to figure out the alphabet is to look at a drawing of a fox-like creature jumping over something next to some symbols and figure out that it's referring to the lazy fox jumps over the thing English phrase is pretty ridiculous (and seems like a thing that would be even harder to guess in other territories). It's so cryptic it borders on absurd. Braid was hard, but at least you always knew you had everything you needed to solve a puzzle. Here, the solution might be a couple of symbols in a room inside a room inside a room inside an invisible door that's underwater.

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So it's a fighting game without a movelist? Sounds accessible. In all seriousness, I'm really tired of fighting games still using the Street Fighter-esque stick rolls to trigger moves. I get that Capcom and Namco are still stuck in the arcade business and not likely to change their classic control schemes, but playing stuff like MK and Smash Bros (yeah, I know) or even God of War where my character has a large movelist that I can pull off 100% of the time without needing a big dumb stick in my living room really makes me notice the clumsy and controller-unfriendly schemes that every fighting game seems to use.

Back to the topic at hand: this game really seems aimed at people who are already in deep with fighting games. Not particularly friendly or innovative (in terms of how accessible it is; I won't comment on the other systems)

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Sign me up.

lordlemming on psn.

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are the comments always so hostile