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That's awesome. Thanks to the GB crew and all the others that have contributed to my holiday entertainment and enjoyment. I will miss Patrick for sure and wish him the best.

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Looks like I have dig the old flight stick out of the garage.

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Same here.

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Seems like a dignified position.

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As a fellow New Yorker living in California I applaud the move. I've been trying to make it back home for a long time now myself. I'm super excited to see what you guys come up with!

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san diego, california

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I've been waiting to check this one out.

PSN: Revbox

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I'm a bit confused. You are posting your misgivings regarding the site on the sites discussion board yet you don't want to read the dissenting opinions? You know that yours is not the most popular opinion, as you've stated. Which is fine, an opinion is an opinion. Although this causes me to question your claim that you are not trolling. So here are a few questions for you:

  • What is the purpose of your post?
  • Is the point just to stir the pot?
  • Are you only looking for those that are of like mind to validate the way you feel?
  • Are you interested in helping make the site better?

"I am sure to get cut down in the comments if anyone is that bothered but I doubt I will be that interested in reading views on how I am wrong. As I said before, I am not trolling, I am giving an honest opinion about the state of the website."

I would've been more receptive to the points you raised and willing to discuss them if you didn't start off your OP stating how close minded you intended to be. Stating that you were "giving an honest opinion" instead of saying "my honest opinion" is essentially saying that your opinion trumps that of everyone else. I read that as a you are right and I am wrong, end of discussion. You are raising your perceived issues which you then don't want to discuss with others and offer no solutions. Essentially this thread is pointless.

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@jz: Drive-by topics/posts: When someone starts a topic and ditches it. Starts a conversation unrelated to the topic or message board. Also known as hit-and-run. I remember these terms from old BBSes. I also remember War posting, bait posts for moderators and administrators.

I just made myself feel old...