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Sounds like a great idea, offers flexibility of format and more content for us.

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I predict that Jeff will have the most accurate predictions. He will simply talk about things and they will happen, as though he is willing them into existence, for better or worse. He will single-handedly shape the future before our eyes.

Get ready, 2014 is going to be one hell of a ride.

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Jeff has a long and storied history of being unintentionally prophetic. He could probably run a cult if he wanted to.

Um, I think he may already run a cult... Giantbomb.

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Backed it, really looking forward to it.

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it might be something like the amazon prime subscription model (movie/video-wise) where selected movies are included in the the subscription, and some movies are available for rent only. probably would depend on deals sony can make with the different publishers of the games.

This is likely the way they'll go with the service, it gives them options to price it separately for those that do not have ps+ or require a ps+ subscription. Either way, I believe they'll position the service as an added benefit at no extra cost to existing ps+ members (free games every month like they do now, or have an amazon instant style library) and upsell rentals and purchases. At least, that's how I'd do it... let's just hope the service works as advertised.

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I guess I should finally play Brothers...

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I don't know how I feel about Patrick continually writing Palsson (without å), considering he could just do a search and replace for the entire last name after he was done writing the story.

Seems lazy.

Yea, a huge research article means nothing. He was just a big lazy asshole and should be fired immediately by Giantbomb. You, in turn, should also get hired to be the official proofreader of all things foreign.

How are comments like this not considered spam? It completely lacks any and all conversation/discussion purposes.

It's a matter of respect. It takes less than a minute to write his name correctly, why not do it?

Or it was just an editing mistake. I dunno. Who knows, though?

I read that it's a conspiracy and the real Patrick was beamed up by aliens and replaced with a doppelganger with a busted clavicle that has to make mistakes every once a while in an attempt to avoid blowing it's cover. What they didn't realize is that we'd catch on. We're pretty savvy Duders. The real Scoops never made mistakes, especially missing funny characters that go above or below letters. He also monospaced all of his articles. I read what I wrote on the internet, so it must be true.

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Wow. That's. In all my years, I don't think I've ever seen a more broken system implemented by any business before.

As a former Blockbuster Corp guy, I can explain a much more broken system along with the horribly backwards business models and customer unfriendly policies that led to the company's demise. Not trying to defend Google here and I don't believe this will kill Youtube as a service (maybe put a dent in the bottom line). Just pointing out that even when companies that seem to have massive influence in an industry, and an opportunity to implement business strategies that would benefit themselves, their partners, and their install base (in this case content creators and users)... They tend to shoot themselves in the foot.

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Very cool. Man... I'd love to play CAH with Tom Hanks.

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At my age I'd have to give it some serious thought, as I've put roots down in my community (aren't idioms great) . If I were 24 again I'd go for it without hesitation.